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Lesson 1 - Introduction To The System


Find out why you should create info products in the first place and why you should be pursuing this as a business model.

Discover 5 of the best forms of digital products to help you determine what's best for your niche and offers.

A quick overview of 2 of the most popular networks online for selling your information products and their advantages.

We'll discuss the 15 step process to building a high quality info product that people will buy.

Lesson 2 - Finding An Audience That Pays


In this lesson we'll talk about the importance of distinguishing your audience so you know who your buyers are.

You'll see why just doing a bit of background research can make your sales online so easy with less effort.

Find out the 4 places your potential prospects and clients hang out so you know where to start. This works for almost any niche.

Discover 4 questions you should be asking yourself to really get into the mindset of your market and help you become a better seller.

Building a customer avatar and why knowing your demographics is vitally important if you want to build a 6 or 7-figure per year online business.

6 Important questions you could be asking about your customer to write high converting sales copy and presentation videos.

How to master the art of feeling and thinking like your ideal customer to create winning marketing campaigns again and again.

Lesson 3 - Knowing What To Create Before You Create It


Find out how to structure your first product, how many subject points you should look for and how to break these down into chapters or modules.

We'll brainstorm a 'self improvement' product as an example and break it down into 7 modules. You'll see how we title each module and break them down into smaller segments to build it's value.

You can then use the module brainstorm to help you structure your own products and services in almost any niche. People love a well thought out plan and this method alone will give you an instant boost in conversions.

We'll reveal to you 9 valuable places to help you research your product outline. Some of these places you would have never guessed to look at.

Lesson 4 - Getting To Grips With OTOs & Sales Funnels


One-time offers, or OTOs for short can multiply your income when done right. Find out the secret to creating OTOs that sell time and time again.

Equally, discover how NOT to create an OTO and why some marketers have giving the upsell a bad reputation. Find out how to avoid this mistake althogether.

Discover the 5 essential things you need to know about OTOs BEFORE you ever attemp to create one yourself.

We'll give you 6 examples of ideal OTOs which always sell well in almost any niche. This alone will save you weeks, even months of trial and error.

We'll show you what a fully working sales funnel looks like with 3 upsells and 1 down-sell, what prices to sell at and how to use it to maximize your profit.

Why you should offer an insane amount of value on your first OTO and 3 perfect upsell examples that are guaranteed to sell.

Find out why being 'afraid' of selling can actually hurt your business and why you're not doing your customers a favour.

Lesson 5 - Let's Create Your Info Product!


Now we move on to the process of actually creating your product. In the first part of the lesson we'll discuss 7 types of products you can create and how to deliver them.

Know what is the ideal number of pages for an eBook and why less is more in some cases.

Discover the 6 best places to help you write your eBook to pack it full of quality information plus a method for writing eBooks efficiently.

Find out the 3 different types of video products you can create to help you determine which route to take.

We'll share with you the best ways to produce screen capture recordings and live demonstrations. These are the same tips used in our business.

8 Tips to creating quality audio courses including the tools you'll need, how long your recordings should be and how to pack even more value into this format without working harder.

7 Practical tips to creating short reports, when you might want to do so and how they fit in your product range.

Discover how many pages is ideal for a short report, how much to charge and why they sell so well.

11 Tips to creating expert interviews that people will pay for and associate you with leaders in the industry.

How to make it a win-win situation for the expert your interviewing and what you should allow them to pitch.

How to maximize your price and overall sales by simply doing one thing in your marketing. This stategy works in any niche.

We'll walk you through the process of how to create multiple formats of the same training to boost it's value instantly.

Lesson 6 - Building The Stack With Bonuses


In this lesson we'll discuss why bonuses are a must to increase sales and conversions and how they can be applied in almost any aspect of marketing you do.

Understand how to 'stack the value' and get people buying your product almost for the bonuses alone.

What you can learn from 'As Seen On TV' infomercials to help you structure your offers and stack the value in a logical and exciting way.

3 Real world examples of bonuses, what to look out for, how many bonuses are necessary to close the deal.

12 Types of bonuses you can offer to your customers including 'out of the box' strategies that most marketers don't even think about.


Lesson 7 - The 7-Figure Copying Writing Code


Perfecting good copy or sales videos will make you go far with your business. Discover how anyone can develop the art of writing good sales copy.

We'll introduce you to the 'AIDA' formula that all great copy-writers use, what it means and a break down of each section.

The 6 important questions you should be asking yourself about your consumer. This alone will help you fill your sales letters with content that your visitors will love to read.

How to use features and benefits effectively and why you should never get the two confused.

How to tackle customer's objects before making the 'call to action'. Keep in mind that there will always be objections no matter how good your product is.

Discover 13 'must haves' of your sales letter that you need to address include the type of font to use, paragraph spacing, headline breaks and more.

Find out 2 psychological triggers that put you in a position of authority to sell your product in a timely manner. This alone could double your sales instantly.

We'll walk you through a real-world example of a sales letter that includes all the important copy-writing elements described in this lesson.

Lesson 8 - Cost Effective Graphics Creation


Discover 4 important reasons why graphics play an important role in your digital product sales and know when and how to use it.

Find out where to get cost-effective eCovers and graphics done for you without sacrificing on quality. Great for starting out.

Learn where to create banner ads and social media posts or poster-type graphics for your sales page to make your sales-copy 'pop'.

What if you're not a good designer and don't want to hire a professional? We'll show you how to get 3D cover images done cheap.

Discover how to get your 2D cover images and graphics placed on real-life settings to give your sales copy that unique look.

Lesson 9 - Uploading & Distributing Files To Your Servers


Now it's time to upload your website to your server and get it live on the internet.

Find out how to upload large files to third party servers, why this can save your future reputation.

Discover a simple tool that makes it easy to transfer large product files without struggling with the standard interface.

Get a quick look at the FTP interface and know where your server files reside and where you should be uploading your files to.

Lesson 10 - Product Delivery & Download Page Monetization


Discover the best way to deliver files to your customers and why elaborate download pages are not always necessary.

See what elements to include on your download page, including more sales copy, instructions, and how to seperate the downloadable product files. Follow this model to keep your customers happy.

See how to present your downloadable product files, what text to hyperlink, how to numberate your files and much more.

Take a quick peek at one of our customer capture form pages. Discover why this is an integral part of the sales process and how to set one up.

Find out how to boost profits further and monetize your download page. We'll give you a real live example so you can model what already works.

Lesson 11 - Attracting Affiliates With An Enticing JV Page


In this lesson we'll talk you through the process of creating your JV (Join Venture) page and give you 2 examples for you to follow.

Discover why JV pages are created like sales pages and what is the real purpose behind them.

Find out why you also want to be building a JV list, what information you need from these subscribers and how to do this effectively.

Find out the best ways to get people actively engaged with your affiliate program, and how to encourage them to promote your product right away.

See why multiple swipe emails are a must to attract all types of affiliates and how they affect the success of your launch.

Lesson 12 - Importing Your Sales Copy To 3rd Party Site Builders


In this lesson we'll take your through the process of transferring your sales copy to your page builder of your choice.

Find out why 3rd party website builders provide the most compatibility and when it might not be a good idea to limit yourself to basic software.

Discover 3 of the best website builders on the market right now, and find out which one is best for you based on your needs.


Lesson 13 - Setting Up Up-Sells & Down-Sells


Now it's time to develop your sales process and setup your upsell pages. Although it's not mandatory to add this now, it will make a significant difference to your profit when done right.

Take a closer look at one of our live upsell pages. Know exactly what elements you need to include, how to present the offer, how to price it, and where to include your 'no thanks' link.

See how we connect multiple upsells in one sales sequence and take note on how every offer complements one another.

What price do you sell your upsells? What is the price limit? And how many upsells can you include? Watch this video to find out.

Lesson 14 - Choosing The Right Platform For Selling


In this lesson we'll talk about the shopping carts you can use, how you can make those sales and how you can pay your affiliates at the same automatically.

Find out when you may not want to use a network with affiliates and when just a simple PayPal payment button will do.

Know when to use ClickBank and when not to and find out where to sell marketing related products to get the best results.


Lesson 15 - Bring On The Affiliates!


When you have everything setup, it's time to recruit affiliates and get them to promote your product for you.

Find out 2 of the best places to launch your product and advertise your affiliate program.

Know what keywords to Google to get a hold of new and upcoming platforms to list your product launches.

Discover 6 things you must do to get the most from launch announcement sites. This coming from personal experience so take note.

Why you should subscribe to emails of the big players in your niche and the 6 things you can do to get some respectful attention.

Tap into 8 more resources to get your product known to the marketplace and know exactly what do to for each site to avoid looking like a newbie.

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* My exact steps to find profitable niches that you can actually make-money in! Going into a niche without knowing if it can make you money will cause you to lose a ton of time and money!

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* Ways to create copy for your squeeze page that entices almost everyone who sees it to jump on your list right away. Again... If you can't get people on your list you can't make money! I give you a three step process to creating the right "triggers" to build a list fast!

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