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Being an entrepreneur often requires you to think creatively, outside the box. You need to constantly be asking yourself questions like...

What niche should I get into?... What products should I sell?... How can I increase my profits?... How can I sell to more people?... How can I sell more products?... and so on.

Whilst there are a myriad of answers.. the fact is some solutions require more time and effort, whilst others will require deep pockets. So how do you approach this problem?

...The answer is to choose a method which produces maximum effect with minimal amount of effort.

And one of the most easiest ways to increase your profits without having to find new customers or develop new products is to offer your existing products in various physical formats.

"The Fact is Physical Books, CDs and DVDs Have a Higher Perceived Value than Digital Products..."

Think about this for a second...

Have you ever bought a PDF product, video course, or software online and then lost the product, or upgraded your computer and needed to retrieve the files, or needed to re-install some software?...

Then only to realize that you didn't save the files, lost the link in the email, or saved it somewhere on your hard drive, deep into some folder never to be found again? Well if you can relate to that, then your customers go through this same problem as well.

Or what about this...

You've purchased many training courses online, but there's one course that was delivered to you as a paperback book. Over the years you kept your online courses somewhere on your computer... but the one physical book is always there, in your room, within view and within reach, and you remember who you bought it from.

You flick through the pages of the book once more, you re-read the content again to refresh your mind, you Google the author's name again, you check out his/her site and products, you re-join their newsletter, and you check out their offers and buy their products because you remembered that you liked their products.

"The Order, Print and Delivery Process can be 100% Automated ...and will Work with Any Product You're Selling!"

There's no doubt that physical products have a higher perceived value than digital counterparts. The question is how do you take advantage of this without having to go through the hassles of printing your own books... burning files to CD and DVDs... stocking your products in a warehouse... and then shipping them to your customers?...

Fortunately for you, you won't have to do any of this, because once you spend a little time setting everything up, the entire process can be fully automated... from creation... to shipping... to your customer's doorstep!

Not only can it be automated but it can be easily implemented into your existing sales funnel! So if you're selling a front-end product you could easily put together a 'physical product upgrade' as the upsell, or offer it during the checkout process as an order bump.

Are you getting excited? You should be... because you now have a way to generate more profit in your business without having to create new products... new upsells... or acquire new customers.

You'll be able to develop more loyalty with your customers and have more impact in the marketplace! This strategy is so powerful, yet so easy to implement that you'll be kicking yourself for not using it earlier!

Here's a full breakdown of what you'll learn inside this course...

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Content Creation and Digital Audio Content Creating

In this video we will discuss the content creation process
Discover how to reach an audience outside the typical customers
See why you should use these ideas for your project
How to find an expertise to solve your problems you encounter
Discover how to surpass the technical difficulties on creating video content


Lesson 2 - Creating Audio Content - Construction

Discover a tactic to get dynamic countent doing this one small task
Find out how you can use the examples giving in this video to develop your project
Get an overview on how to use Camtasia Studio to edit audio and video content
We'll dive further and teach you in depth details on how to work with Camtasia Studio


Lesson 3 - Creating Digital Audio - Content Recording

In this lesson we're going to discuss how to record content for your audio project
Find out how to make sure that you get the most quality audios for your videos
See how to eliminate the interfering background noises with cost effective tools
Know where the best places and environments are to record your audios
We'll discuss the difderent software solution you should use for this task


Lesson 4 - Creating Digital Audio - Content Editing

Discover what kind of video editing software you need to perform certain tasks
We'll introduce you to some of the most appropriate software to use for audio editing
Get our best tips on what is the most important thing you should remove from your videos
We'll take a look at a few specific assests you'll need that are important for your task


Lesson 5 - Creating Digital Audio - Content Processing

Discover how to create digital audio content and post-audio processing
Discover how to add multiple audio pieces to the timeline to lengthen an audio
Watch and see for yourself how easy it is to do this on your own
Keep your costs low and learn how to edit audio like a pro with a few simple tricks


Lesson 6 - Creating Audiobooks

In this lesson we're going to discuss on how to create Audiobook
Discover one powerful site to help you create audio books with ease
Find out how to distribute your audiobook to multiple pages to multiply your chances of success
Find out how to take your finish audiobook and use contracts


Lesson 7 - Creating Digital Video Content

Discover why it's easier than ever to create digital video content
Find out how to record a live video presentation
See why this will make you work harder and achieve a higher performance
Learn how you can use this one technique to double your profits
See why it's so important to all the details in your video right for your customers


Lesson 8 - Creating Text Content

Discover why text content is so important for your video project
See what are the step-by-step stages you have to go through to create text content
Discover how to prepare your project for the publishing process
Learn to use the rendering templates to their fullest potential and speed up the process


Lesson 9 - Blog to Book

Discover the easy way to get your ideas from a blog to a book
See how to get feedback in the meantime to outperform your competition
See how to re-order and prioritize your ideas and why you should do it
Discover how to use Ebook Master to get specific posts in your present book


Lesson 10 - Transcribed Content

In this video we're going to discuss the advantages of transcibed content
Discover how to leverage everything your using and transform content into a book
See why you should pre-edit your work to minimize potential problems down the line
Discover what are best the softwares you can use for this task plus examples inside


Lesson 11 - Create Space Royalty and Distribution Considerations

We'll introduce you to Create Space and what Create Space can do for you
Discover why you should especialy use Create Space compared to other services
Find out how to bypass the fees that you have to pay regarding this task
Know how and when to sell your product to maximize your profits


Lesson 12 - Creating Your Physical Book on Create Space

We'll walk you through the step-by-step process to create a physical book inside Create Space
Discover how to setup your Create Space account from scratch in preparation for your content
Get an overview on using Create Space and what functions you need to know
We'll go deeper into Create Space and guide you through the entire process to creating your first book


Lesson 13 - Creating and Selling DVDs on Create Space

Discover why your instructional DVDs have to be in the right format to minimize customer problems and potential refunds
Find out what is the most efficient process to burn your DVDs and other multimedia content
See what range of softwares you can use to create CDs and DVDs quickly
As a bonus we'll showing you the most easy program to do this


Lesson 14.1 - Creating and Selling with Kunaki - Part 1

With so many choices discover why you should consider using Kunaki to sell your products
Find out what Kunaki offers in addition to a low cost CD and DVD production
Discover how to track your sales through Kunaki's site and what changes you can make to increase your revenue
See what are media formats you can use on Kunaki with a detailed explanation on the pros and cons of each one


Lesson 14.2 - Creating and Selling with Kunaki - Part 2

We'll give you walk through the procesess you need to go to get started with Kunaki
We'll guide you through Kunaki's interface and what you have to do to create and submit a new product
Discover how to make alterations on the main page and what are the formats you can use
Find out the easiest way to get through this process from start to finish to make future CD/DVD creation easy


Lesson 15 - Advertising and Selling Your Product

Get to see what are the differences between the procesess we explained until now
Discover where are the best places to advertise and sell your products
Find out how to handle any potential cost issues and learn how to lower the costs of your projects


Lesson 16 - Downloading Video to Your Hard Drive or Smart Phone from YouTube and Facebook

Discover how to quickly and easily download royalty-free videos from YouTube for editing
See what configuations and options you need to set when downloading videos
Find out the multiple places you can download your videos
Find out how to customize and change the designation of a video


Lesson 17 - Stripping and Editing Audio within a Rendered Video

Find out how to import a video and strip the audio from it using these quick and easy tips
We'll go into details on how to edit, cut, paste, slice and stripe audio from videos
See why you should take out the beggining piece from the audio for a clean edit
Discover where to record a new clip to use on the current working project
Find out where to get royalty-free music that you can use commercially with these tips


Lesson 18 - Converting Audio into Text

Find out what settings and options you should enable to help you process audio quickly
See what you need to do step-by-step to get the job done successfully
Discover what services are worth signing up for to help you get the job done quickly and other software you can use
Watch and learn from the multimedia softwares that are presented in this video


Lesson 19 - Converting Video into Text

Find out how to do presentions in real time to create video and text content quickly
Discover the one important engine you need to use for this task
Learn how to record the video in real time and transcribe it in real time for maximum efficiency
See how you can use the text document as is or re-purpose it into other useful formats


Lesson 20 - Converting Text into the Create Space Format

Discover how to use Microsoft Word in preparation for Create Space
Find out how to use the existing Create Space templates for your new job
What is the best Create Space template you should use and why
Find out why it is important to work with 2 documents at once and how you can save time
Discover step-by-step on how to work with templates and documents with full explanation


Lesson 21 - Uploading to Create Space and Getting Reviews

See why not changing the Create Space template format can help you save time and help you develop products quickly
Find out the exact steps you need to take to upload your customized Create Space template
Find out how to create a preview image within Create Space and why it's important for you to do it
See for yourself why you should write in the same way as what we're presenting to you in this video
Learn how to add a custom image to your template to make your project more appealing to potential customers


Lesson 22 - Tagging Audio and Video Content

In this video we're going through the process of taggind audio and video content
Learn how to use the windows options to get this done
Discover what metadata is and what are you going to use it for
See this work around for a custom problem you can encounter - details inside
Some files can't be changed so easily so we're explaining how to do it - with examples


Lesson 23 - Creating Covers in Create Space

Discover how to launch a Cover Creator, how to do it and what you should do step-by-step
Find out what options you need to enable to customize your page and make it look good
See how to change the entire theme with multiple selections that are described in this video
Learn how to keep track of the task you're working it with this single useful tip


Lesson 24 - Creating CD and DVD Covers in Kunaki

In this video we are going to build a cover using the Kunaki interface
Discover how to create a Jewel Case and how to design the CD that you're going to sell
Find out what type of images you can use for this task
See why you shouldn't use certain types of images for your covers


Lesson 25 - Uploading to Kunaki


For the sake of this tutorial we are going to create a video DVD
Find out what the Kunaki service really is and how to use it to it's fullest
Why Kunaki is the program to go when faced with this kind of task
Learn to use the previous designs that your already have to save time
Learn step-by-step how to upload your work to Kunaki with full details


Lesson 26 - Selling on Kunaki

Find out how to configure your product in order to be sold on Kunaki
See what retail options you have to check and use in order for it to be approved
Step-by-step details on how to implement Kunaki into your business plan for more profit
Learn how to use the interface with another awesome company that can step up your revenue

Lesson 27 - Selling on Amazon and Create Space

Discover how to sell your physical products on Create Space and why it's helpful for your business
See why you should get people to make purchased on Create Space even if it's not your primary goal
Find out how to manufacture your products with Kunaki CD and DVD printing service
Learn how super charge your sales and use Kunaki with Amazon and find out more about this premium duo

Lesson 28 - Using a Photoshop Template for Kunaki

In this video we're going to use the videos downloaded with Kunaki to create a product
Discover how to resize your photos so it fits on the template and prints to perfection
See why it's a good idea to use the photos you already have and not always rely on the stock library
Find out how to maintain the correct aspect ratio and how to transform and resize images to keep the design professional
Why Photoshop is the go to program for this task plus a detailed explanation

Lesson 29 - Amazon Author Central

How to connect to Amazon Author Central to sell your products on their platform
Get a guided tour inside their system and understand their custom controls and how they will help you
See how you can use the Amazon Author Central platform to give you the oportunity to set an eye catching event
See for yourself the multiple ways on gathering people and promoting your brand and name


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You'll stand out from competitors who only sell digital products
You'll have an instant upsell in your sales funnel
You'll be able to add order-bumps in your checkout process
You'll be able to get the physical address of your customers (for more marketing purposes)
Your sales funnel will become more profitable
Affiliates and JV partners will want to promote you (long term)
You'll gain more authority in the marketplace
You'll add another revenue stream if you only want to sell physical products
You'll impress your customers, they'll remember the experience and buy more from you
Customers will take the information from a book or CD/DVD course more seriously
You'll be able to cross-promote your more expensive products within the book/CD/DVD
Customers will trust you and you'll increase your back-end sales
The whole process can be automated with print-on-demand services
There's no need to stock any physical products ever
You'll be able to bring new life back into your existing digital products

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Melvin Bowers

"The training is so in depth and user friendly"

I have not had very much success online for the last year. I feel that the support and all of the trainings that I'm recieving from The ultra sales Machine I can now be a huge Success Online . There will be "no more throwing stuff against the wall to see what stick's" I now have what I need to be a Success. I am so glad to have finally found my Diamond in the Rough ! I can't wait to see what the future will bring... The training is so in -depth and user friendly , that being said I been searching for something like this for well over a year for something that meets all my needs. No more buying product after product to just be let down again and exactly in the same place I was before ... but with The ultra sales Machine No more worries Thanks So Much !!!! With The ultra sales Machine i can honestly say that I do not see how it would be possible for anyone to fail..... Really there is no way ...The day I was shown The ultra sales Machine I must say My internet career has changed for the better . I am a firm beliver, and will introduce my friends that are still struggling with online marketing to The ultra sales Machine no dought !!! With the quailty of training and the step by step modules this well change your career forever and with what you learn will also turn you into a Authority in the Industry . Thanks So Much The ultra sales Machine

Tj Addi

"That said, I am VERY impressed with the tutorials found in UltraSalesMachine.com."

I've been in the internet industry for over 20 years and essentially done everything. Web development, search engine optimization, email marketing, social network marketing and much more. I have clients around the world. I lost count how many web sites I've developed. I believe there's always things to learn and always ways to do things easier and better. This industry constantly changes probably more than any other industry. It is very easy to fall behind as it is impossible to know everything. It is essential to have learning resources easily accessible, easy to understand and current. That said, I am VERY impressed with the tutorials found in UltraSalesMachine.com. This is a tremendous amount of information covering a huge number of topics relating to Web development, Internet marketing and much more. This is very well put together in a simplistic and informative format that will work for beginners to professionals like myself. One could easily spend hundreds or even thousands for the same information, which surprised me when it was so cheap. I was expecting some slapped together PDF files of recycled content but instead have access to hundreds of hours of videos containing well thought out, well edited and well published content. I was still skeptical as I browsed through some of the topics and turned pleasantly delighted. This is very well put together and very well thought out. I don't say this lightly. ANY of these tutorial segments could be a product of it's own selling for much more than UltraSalesMachine.com. This is a tremendous value having eight huge segments plus the bonus material. I've paid a lot more for a lot less MANY times. A great big five-star recommendation from me and huge kudos for doing such a great job.

Dan Harley, Jr.

"Incredible amount of work!"

I am absolutely fascinated by the "Newbie Sales Machine" program that I have just read about. You are ever so right in writing "so you threw the idea of product creation out of the window long ago after you realized how difficult it was". Incredible amount of work! I discovered your program quite by accident as I was reviewing a site and thought that the composition was exactly what I was looking for and noticed that it was powered by "UltraSalesMachine". I did research 'UltraSalesMachine" and decided to enrol in a membership. I have spent many weeks searching for a program that would provide the DFY features and support that I believe your program offers. I am completely new in the actual process of building a website, lead magnets, sales funnel, upsells, down sells, email tagging, traffic and so on. So, you can imagine my "wow" expression in relation to all that your offer. I am very excited to get started and become completely familiar with the program and begin making sales of my membership and building a downline. Looking forward to working with you!

Wil Aselstine

"You won't be disappointed."

This is an awesome program and David and his team over delivered on this one I would get the ultra sales machine again if I didn't already have it. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting into internet marketing to check this out. You won't be disappointed.

Monte Large

"Simply amazing would not describe it."

David, having purchased many of your products recently I have to say that I am blown away with the content mix here in Article Content Riches. Now I very rarely write endorsements for other companies, but after downloading and reviewing all the content here in month one I was so impressed that I needed to tell the world. In this world of Internet Marketing it is often easy to become seduced by the fancy dancy words in the sales copy, and throughout the years my partner Terry and I have bought products from many different sources. But, I have to say, "you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk when it comes to product creation." The content is well written, the program easy to follow, and professionally done. Simply amazing would not describe it. As loyal customers Terry and I watch our email box closely to see what is coming down the pike next from you folks. It is so hard to find good quality products and services to promote, but you get a Big 'Ole A+ for this one. As we began to wrap up 2017 it was obvious that we needed to get some new good content to promote and we found it here. This truly was most likely the best investment we made in 2017 and will help us to expand and develop our business for years to come. All I can say is keep up the good work and keep 'em coming, and may the new year bring you continued success and inspiration. Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.

Carl & Terry

"Looking forward to working with this team and building my empire."

I have been trying to put systems together for years now. That has cost me tons of money and time trying to figure out how to make systems work together and getting traffic to the sites. Finding good content and product that are hot in the market and making money takes a lot of work and time. When doing this by your self can really wasted a lot of time I have decided to go with a system and a team who have been doing this for years and helping others make money on the internet. I am looking forward to getting success and following a business model that seems to be working for others. I have researched other on line systems and gurus that promise you the word and system that will have you making money in 24 hours. They all seems to be pushing the same thing with one little twist and then each funnel on the system has up grade upgrade and more upgrades that just get more expensive and I have not seen one that works so that I made any money in 24 hour like they all claim. Looking forward to working with this team and building my empire. This system has been good and the training videos have me more excited then I have in years after wasting so much money on other systems that do not do anything but drain your account. This is not one click system and is being promoted online today and it helps start a solid structure to build a empire on the internet. Thanks, Terrance

Terrance Duncan

"You are a breathe of fresh air and I look forward to a long term partnership through your program."

Hi David, I can't start to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with the ultra sales Machine. I intially thought I was only going to get a few generic videos and some simple websites, but your course and system goes absolutely more than the extra mile. I can't see how I could not make money using this system. Everything from the professional squeezepages and quality products and DFY membership sites make it easy to earn your first money online and scale it up to the point you can make a living from it. I am going through the training videos for the second time now and I found it amazing how plain and concise they are and don't leave out any details. Truly what I needed to help reduce the confusion associated with TMI (too much information). Following them step by step makes putting everything together a breeze. The monthly Niche Review sites also make it easy to add income from multiple niches without having to be an expert in all of them. That intrigued me a lot, because my time is limited and I am able to test potential new niches without investing tons of time (which I don't have) into learning about them. They make it easy to lead my customers to quality Clickbank solutions without a lot of fuss. I also love the fact that I can use your products for lead magnets to develop my email lists and then pass them onto my customers to use for creating their lists. Add to it the 700 Traffic Strategies bonus and you can't go wrong. Getting people on the my list has never been easier and the sales are starting to roll in as well. All in all, I am more than pleasantly surprised to find so much value in the ultra sales Machine in a market where so many marketers try to get by on doing the bare minimum. You are a breathe of fresh air and I look forward to a long term partnership through your program. Thank you again for being the light at the end of the IM tunnel.

John Rotnem

To Your Success!

David Railey is an established internet marketer with over 15 years of online experience. He provides innovative high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for marketers. The Ultra Sales Machine is the result of years of knowledge and experience all condensed into one powerful marketing system that any beginner and expert can profit from. David will be handling all the backend sales and future product launches on your behalf to ensure you continue to profit!

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