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Here's a question... How can two marketers with the same exact product, create the same sales funnel, get the same traffic from the same source ...and STILL have different results?

Why does one lose out on sales, whilst the other continues to break-even or profit with every paid visitor? The answer lies in the conversion rate.

The fact is ANYONE can buy good quality traffic,
but not everyone can turn traffic into sales.

For example... if you send 1000 quality targeted visitors to a sales page and no one buys, then you know there's something wrong with the sales page.

On the other hand, if you send 100 visitors to a sales page and you make a sale, break even or even turn a profit, then you know it's time to increase your ad spend.


So the REAL question you should be asking is...

"...How Do You Increase Your Conversion Rates and Turn those Skeptical, Challenging Visitors into Followers, Subscribers and Buyers Who...
Simply Get It?"

Should you write better headlines, work your sales copy, rename your product, change your product image, focus more on the benefits, write a better guarantee, add a bonus, perhaps add scarcity?...

The answer to that is YES to everything ...plus a whole lot more!

Let me explain...

Imagine you're in a buyer's niche... You've done your research, understood the problem, and know what your audience wants....

You spend months developing your product and have perfected it inside out... You put your heart and soul into it.... You know you have the best product in the world and that it will solve all their problems plus more.

The only question is how do you convey this to your audience?

How do you present your product in the BEST light and get people to like what you have to offer so they eventual end up buying?...

Between you and your customer lies a THICK FOG of skepticism, doubt, uncertainty, lack of motivation, not to mention a lack of trust just to name a few...

And it's your job as a marketer to remove all these psychological obstacles through your sales process.


If you do ANY sort of selling online then you need to...

"...Finally Master the Art of Converting COLD, Difficult Visitors into Hot Excited Buyers who Simply CAN'T wait to Click Your Order Button..."

Conversion Mastery is a easy to follow, step-by-step video course that breaks down ALL the components of the sales process that lead up to the sale.

You'll be guided you through all the intricate (and very often overlooked) steps needed to create high converting squeeze pages, sales pages, OTOs, email newsletters, blogs and social media content.

By the time you've finished with this course to get your audience to say "YES" before they've seen your offer and you'll never have a problem converting traffic into sales.

When done right a good sales system can double, even triple your conversion rate.

...And a conversion rate jump like this can make all the difference between a losing campaign... breaking even... and turning a consistent profit ...And once you can break even or turn a profit with every dollar spent, you'll NEVER have a traffic problem again.

Does this sound like something you want to achieve in your online business?... If so, then you need to pay close attention.

Here's a full breakdown of what you'll learn inside this course...

Lesson 1.1 - Introduction to the Principles of Conversion Boosting


This video is an introduction to the first half of the course. We'll give you an overview of what we'll be talking about plus a breakdown of every component.
We'll discuss the power of copywriting, why it's often neglected by beginners, where to use it, plus we'll give you actionable tips you can use right away.
We'll show you how your copywriting skills can be transferred over into email marketing. This is especially useful if you already have a list and feel you're not getting the most from it.
We'll then move on to optimizing your squeeze pages to convert the maximum number of visitors into leads. Optimizing this part of the process affects everything else in your sales funnel.
We'll then take a deep look at the actual sales process, the OTO process and what to do with your customer lead to maximize your CLV customer lifetime value.
We'll then show you how to use your blog effectively to expand your marketing reach and even use it as a pre-sale platform to get more buyers.
We'll talk you through the AIDA principle that all successful marketers use and how to apply it in your business. We'll develop it further into an expanded version that very few even talk about.
We'll look at some of the top highest converting products by several 7-figure and 8-figure leaders in the field. Find out who sold what, case studies of their performance and how to model off them.

Lesson 1.2 - Top Producers Create High-Converting Products

In this lesson we'll give you an overview of the role conversions play in your business and the 'profit spots' in your business that make the big difference
Need proof that conversions are important? We'll reveal just a small handful of expert marketers that have achieve great results by simply working on their conversions.
We'll show you what newbie marketers should do first to get a head start in their business and how they can follow this advice for many years to come
Check these examples of a higly marketable products and how you can emulate the best elements in your business


Lesson 2 - The Universal Copywriting Elements - Part I

In this lesson we're going to discuss the true value of copywriting plus a detailed look at the components that lead to a sale
You'll learn how to increase your sale conversion rates almost immediately by applying all the 'playbook' tactics on copywriting
Discover how to proof-read and verify your sales copy to be sure you get the best benefits when your offer goes live
See how to break down your sales copy into smaller manageable segments so you convey all the information you need to your prospects
Already starting from a template or swipe file? We'll show you how to add your ideas to existing sales copy to speed up the process


Lesson 3 - The Universal Copywriting Elements - Part II

In this lesson we'll reveal to you more ways, ideas and little-known tactics to increase your sale conversions. Don't miss this.
We'll give you examples high performing headlines that get your customer's attention. (Hint - most of your sales copy depends on this)
Should you use good old fashion copywriting or be flashy and designy? We'll discuss the images that we should use to show the customer the value of your product.
Discover how to instil confidence in your prospect before they buy with well-written, well-thought out guarantees.
Learn how to develop an emotional bond with your prospect so that they feel like you're truly helping them make the best decision for themself.


Lesson 4 - Increasing Conversions in Your Email Newsletters - Part I

In this lesson we're going to talk about some keypoints on how to increase open rates, click rates, and sale conversions in your email newsletters
See why you should treat your emails as another form of copywriting and why you should see it as a pre-sell component of your sales process
Find out why emotional marketing is an integral part of your email newsletters and how to write in a way that makes your readers almost addicted to your emails
See how you can use these powerful and underrated marketing tactics in all other areas of your business to maximize sales with your existing traffic

Lesson 5 - Increasing Conversions in Your Email Newsletters - Part II

In this lesson we'll dive deeper into generating more profit from your email newsletters. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is right inside this video.
Discover the art of writing action-oriented sales copy and how you can apply them in your email newsletters to see a massive increase in your sales
See how we apply action-oriented sales copy in real life examples. Get ready to take notes, model off it and apply it so you're heading the right direction
What a survey and poll does for your business and how you can use it to fine-tune your products, your connection with your readers and more importantly your copywriting
Watch this video carefully as we show you 2 simple ways to use polls for your objective


Lesson 6 - Increasing Conversions on Your Squeeze Page - Part I

In this lesson we'll focus our attention on improving your squeeze page conversions. This is where all your traffic will be sent so it's very important to get the best conversion rates from the start.
Want to achieve conversion rates as high as 40%-50% or more? Watch this section of the video as we show you how to add photos of people and what expressions they should show to boost sign-up rates.
Discover what type of product images you should use on your squeeze page to attract highly target prospects and when displaying certain images can negatively impact your sign-up rates.
See how to attract subscribers and potential customers using the 'free trial' technique. Find out how long a trial should last, what features to include in a demo, plus what to do after the trial expires to close sales.

Lesson 7- Increasing Conversions on Your Squeeze Pages - Part II


In this lesson we'll develop your squeeze page conversion rates using the 'high impact' method. As attention spans decrease it's becoming ever increasingly difficult to attract interest. Find out how to solve this problem in this video.
A good headline is one things, but getting it seen and easily read is another. Find out why you need to get your content 'above the fold' to attract as many sign-ups as possible.
Knowing why your visitor is even on your page will help you write the best squeeze page copy. Learn to captivate visitor focus with your strongest benefits.
The sign-up process requires more than one webpage. See what are the essential pages and 'small print' you should use to abide by FTC rules and regulations, and more importantly help you stay legal.
Visitors want to feel safe before they sign-up for anything. Find out where to display your name and your contact information so your subscribers know who you are.

Lesson 8 - Increasing Conversions in the Sales Process

In this video we'll talk about the actual sales process. Whilst traffic and sign-ups are important, sales is where it counts the most. Get this right and you can invest in more traffic to feed the system.
Discover why the best marketers in the field are using multiple offers in their sales process, and see why you should adopt this mentality as soon as possible to excel online.
There's a right way and a wrong way to sell a product. Find out what mistakes to avoid when presenting your offer to keep you on track.
Despite the complexity of the sales process, see how you can model off existing funnels and why you should always keep the process simple.
Use these powerful pre-sale ideas to raise awareness of your offers. This one strategy alone will create raving fans of your products and make selling so effortless.

Lesson 9 - Increasing Blog Conversions - Part I

In this lesson we'll discuss the importance of owning your own blogging platform and why it can act as a communication channel and pre-sell mechanism to attract more sales.
Watch this video as we show you some very simple and sometimes over-looked techniques to increase click-thrus on your blog posts and ads.
Learn how to create demo videos of your products and how to embed them in your blog posts to engage your readers.
Enhance your videos with background audio and effects to keep your visitors watching your videos for longer.
Althought commonly seen as annoying, discover why we recommend you use pop-ups on your blog. Learn how to use the script, where to place it and what incentive you should add to attract fresh leads.
Discover how to integrate a live chat support system on your website and blog, and why doing so will bring in new customers that simply want to reassure everything with you.

Lesson 10 - Blogging Conversions - Part II

In this lesson we'll dive deeper into your blog reveal to you some very cool features that you may not even be aware of that will give you the marketing edge.
We'll discuss why you should add videos to your home page, where to place them, and what is the real purpose behind this strategy if you want that extra conversion boost.
Discover how to get your pages to load faster. Search engines love fast loading pages with low visitor bounce rate. This little trick alone will improve your position in the search engine rankings and attract more visitors.
Learn how to use your blog to build your list. Should you send traffic directly to a squeeze page, or integrate your opt-in code within your blog? Find out what works best and build your list faster than ever.
Find out what you need to add on your blog and where you need to place them to get people to trust you more. A few simple tweaks is all it takes for an instant conversion boost.

Lesson 11 - The AIDA Formula - Attention Interest Desire Action


In this lesson we'll break down the 'AIDA' formula into it's four components and explain what each means and their purpose in the lead up to a sale.
Understand why you've only got a few seconds to grab your visitor's attention before they click away from your site, and what to do to slow them down.
Learn how to get your prospects interested in your proposition and desire your product so that the only logical and emotion thing for them to do is to click your order button.
Get a close up look at one of Ewen Chia's sales page. Despite it being around for a long time, it still sells. Find out why this is and why you don't need the latest and greatest gimmicks to make sales.

Lesson 12 - The KLT Formula - Increasing Conversions Part I


Learn how to impress your prospects with these seemingly simple, yet unique marketing ideas.
People don't buy products and services based off logic alone. You need to use emotion. Learn how to tap into their emotions and mindset so you know exactly what they're longing for.
How to apply the 'WIIFM' technique to your marketing messages and give them what THEY want ...not what you want.
Discover a simple little tactic to get your readers more engaged and involved with you. Once they're hooked, you're in position to make the sale.
Combine the best parts of logic and emotions in your marketing through story-telling. Mesmerize them with your story and you'll leave a lasting impression that's hard to forget.

Lesson 13 - The KLT Formula - Increasing Conversions Part II


Your visitors will not pay attention to your sales pitch until they trust you as a person first. Learn one simple and ethical tactic you can use to get them to trust you almost instantly.
Discover the art of making the offer and delivering tremendous value. Then learn how to surpass their expectations to make your offer too irresistible to say 'no' to.
People listen to those who are experts in the field. Learn how to become an authoritative figure in their eyes and create more influence, which leads to sales.
Your product is a symbol of what you stand for. We'll discuss why you should be proud of your product and stand by it so your prospects know you're the best person to turn to.

Lesson 15 - The High-Conversion Formula Revealed

Find out what's the best way to describe your product in a way that appeals to your prospects
See why it's so imporatnt to outline each video or set of videos in any product you sell
Discover how to use benefit-based bullet points to convey the quality of the product across
Get a detailed explanation on how to add legitimate fast action bonuses to your offer
See what you can learn about product and price comparison and how to add real scarcity to your products


Lesson 16 - The Pre-Headline


Discover how to communnicate value and immerse your visitors using carefully choosen words
Find out the exactly steps you need to take so you can communicate your message across quickly and effectively
See why using specifics and exact numbers will help you in all areas of your copywriting, not just headlines


Lesson 17 - The Headline


Discover how to find out what your chief benefit is and how to use it to your advantage
See how you can you make your customer's life easier with a good headline and even reduce your refund rates
Find out how to mitigate buyer resistance and openly discuss simple facts that people are concerned about
Learn how to write sales copy and video scripts that talk about the end goal to assist your prospects to make the right decision

Lesson 18 - Video Call to Action


Find out how to edit a video professionally and effectively and what elements we recommend you add
We'll walk you through the step-by-step process of editing videos with full details inside
See why you should have your sales page designed and sales copy done before progressing on with your video
Find out why 'this' statement should remain exactly as it is if you want to stay congruent
Learn how to highlight specific words and phrases in your with and how to highlight the "Now" command to comunnicate immediacy

Lesson 19 - The Big 'Why', Getting to the Heart of the Conversion


Discover how to get your prospects eagerly wanting to read your sales letter by getting right to the heart of the message
Find out what the real purpose of your sales letter is, and what problem your sales letter is supposed to address
Know what your end goal is and how to funnel your prospect's emotions into the one most important action
We'll discuss this in "The Big Why" manner. Once you get this, you'll be able to write sales letters almost any product

Lesson 20 - Conveying Resonance and Understanding the Pain and Problem of the Prospect


See why would you should address the prospect's problem or pain first before you attempt to sell anything
Discover what your customers really care about and how to use their preferences in your favor
Find out the one important thing you must successfully address and talk about in any goal oriented communication
Discover what simple open-ended questions you should be asking your prospects to get them in the 'buying zone'.

Lesson 21 - Framing Your Product as The Solution

Why this is the simplest part of the sales letter
How to use your product as the solution of the problem
Why you need to have a visual image of the product
If you're good with this program, try to create images to represent your product


Lesson 22 - Fast Product Creation Secrets


In this video we'll walk you through a super simple "hands on" lesson to create your own product
Discover a simple step-by-step repeatable process for turning any PLR product into your personal ATM
Watch over our shoulder as we show you how to quickly and easily re-work a product with our pre-made example

Lesson 23 - Outline Your Product Content - Part 1


Discover how to briefly outline the content of each video or module to show the real value of your product
See how many sentences you should use in each outline for the best results. Too little, is vague, too much is overwhelming.
Find out exactly what your outline should answer and how to make it easy for 'skim readers' to get the information quickly
In this video we'll reveal to you the art and science to peak your customer's interest in your products

Lesson 24 - Outline Your Product Content - Part 2


Discover how to re-work and fine-tune "done for your" private label right products and prepare it ready to sell
You'll discover exactly what to look for in PLR products, how to find it's true value and how to transform it into money making potential
Revealed! We'll give you a proven strategy to develope the blueprint to any product that people will want - even before it's created

Lesson 25 - Outline Your Product Content Continued

Learn how to create products that other people want, and how to write paragraphs and descriptions to match
Find out exactly how to make your product desirable and ultimate make it sell
Once you finish this lesson you'll be in position to start profiting from turn-key PLR product and from your own


Lesson 26 - Writing Effective Benefit Bullets Points

In this lesson we'll see why you should outline the benefits for all videos in your product
Find out exactly what your benefit bullets should include, why, plus a few useful examples that you can model off
See why you need to emphasize certain points within your descriptions to make your course unique and stand out from your competitors
Discover what benefits you should start out with first - great if you experience "writer's block" and can't get things going
As you move forward with your course, find out what features you may want to consider adding to your product

Lesson 27 - Irresistible Fast Action Bonuses

In this lesson we'll show you how to plan our your bonuses and create highly desirable bonuses that complement your main offer
Discover how to use the "private product wich has never lauched before" tactic to add exclusivity to your offer
Go deeping into the bonus creation proces and see for yourself what makes your bonus package so unique and sought after
Think you've over done it? Discover how to check if what you're offering is relevant to your customers and not distracting to your main offer


Lesson 28 - Bullet-Proof Money Back Guarantee

In this lesson we'll walk you through the mindset and steps needed to put together a solid guarantee to instil confidence in your prospects
See how to apply "risk reversal" effectively to make it seem as though you are taking away their risk and actually doing them a favor
30 Days, 60 Days, 1 Year or a Lifetime Guarantee? Find out how long your guarantee should be and why it shouldn't be the same for all products
Discover how to use guarantee images, seals and signatures effectively to boost your prospect's confidence and seal the deal

Lesson 29 - Adding Real Scarcity and Urgency


Repetition is important. Find out why you need to reiterate specific points that matter and why you can't expect your prospect to read everything once and remember it all
See why you need to help your prospects perceive the real value of what they're getting and how to do this without ever having to drop your price
Discover the 3 real types of scarcity tactics you can use including time based, bonus based, and price based and how to apply them correctly for amazing results
Why you should add in the image of a countdown timer or stop-watch to motivate your prospects to take action


Lesson 30 - Finishing with a Strong Call to Action

You've built rapport with your prospect, understand their problem, know their pain and you've laid out the solution. Now it's time to tell them what to do.
Confidence and a feeling of safety is everything. Find out how to walk your prospects through the process so they know exactly what happens when they click that 'buy now' button.
Struggle with HTML? Don't worry. We'll show you how to customize your sales page and add in your graphical payment button with your own call to action
Discover why we highly recommend you to use a personal headshot image and signature image to instil more confidence in your prospect. (Hint - people ultimately buy from people)
Learn how to add in effective 'PS' post scripts for any last minute thoughts. You'll be surprised as how effective this is to those sitting on the fence.

Lesson 31 - Creating Your Video Sales Letter

In this lesson we'll explain the importance of a video sales letter and how it can massively impact your business
Are you camera shy or don't like using your voice? Don't worry. Find out what programs are available to you and which ones produce the best style you're after.
Find out how to build rapport, show understanding of the problem, present the solution and communicate the value of your product in your letters. If you've done the previous sales letter work this part will be easy!
See how long should your video sales letter should be and why cramming your entire written sales letter is not the solution, and can negatively impact your conversion rates
Don't like using your voice? No problem. We'll show you what steps you need to take to get your video sales letter created like a pro cost-effectively.



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Madhu Padala

"My first impression was "WOW""

My first impression was, "WOW" , this package is mega -massive, but the graphics are second to none! I have to say the graphics were eye-popping to say the least. The message on the sales page was clear and precise except for a couple of typing errors. Everything was spaced properly and laid out in a way that was easy on the eyes.The font is simple and elegant. All in all it's a sales page that reaches out and grabs you and doesn't let go! No, this isn't my first membership. I've dabbled online for some years now and this is the first time I've dipped my foot in the water, so to speak, but I've joined lots of membership sites just so I could sample the wares, if you know what I mean. But you guys have one of the most impressive reseller packages that I've ever seen! Super Sales Machine is top notch in my book! You guys are all about quality and should always be voted number 1! See you all later.


"You are a breathe of fresh air and I look forward to a long term partnership through your program."

Hi David, I can't start to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with the Super Sales Machine. I intially thought I was only going to get a few generic videos and some simple websites, but your course and system goes absolutely more than the extra mile. I can't see how I could not make money using this system. Everything from the professional squeezepages and quality products and DFY membership sites make it easy to earn your first money online and scale it up to the point you can make a living from it. I am going through the training videos for the second time now and I found it amazing how plain and concise they are and don't leave out any details. Truly what I needed to help reduce the confusion associated with TMI (too much information). Following them step by step makes putting everything together a breeze. The monthly Niche Review sites also make it easy to add income from multiple niches without having to be an expert in all of them. That intrigued me a lot, because my time is limited and I am able to test potential new niches without investing tons of time (which I don't have) into learning about them. They make it easy to lead my customers to quality Clickbank solutions without a lot of fuss. I also love the fact that I can use your products for lead magnets to develop my email lists and then pass them onto my customers to use for creating their lists. Add to it the 700 Traffic Strategies bonus and you can't go wrong. Getting people on the my list has never been easier and the sales are starting to roll in as well. All in all, I am more than pleasantly surprised to find so much value in the Super Sales Machine in a market where so many marketers try to get by on doing the bare minimum. You are a breathe of fresh air and I look forward to a long term partnership through your program. Thank you again for being the light at the end of the IM tunnel.

John Rotnem

"This is a exceptional course for beginner or experience business owners."

David this product is as many of your product, high quality and complete. I finished many of the lessons, but continue to go back to lesson one for a reminder of those mistake that many marketer make. the mistake that I was making. chasing the dollar instead of providing value has elevated my entire business process. This is a exceptional course for beginner or experience business owners. I have referred this course to many of my friends. Thinking that many of the programs and course that i have invested have been created with a get rich quick scheme and has only taken my money wit very little return on investment. I have started to focus only on positive stuff and i understand the importance of accepting full responsibility for those things that happen and those things that failed to happen in my life and my business. I am a retired school teacher and a technology coach. I taught my students the value of being wise and managing their finance. Students who decide to invest in their education with time, collaboration and research will benefit in their professional life. I have started to these processes in my building my mailing lists and generating sales and leads. This course is easy to follow and understand. He has constructed the lessons for the novice and experience marketer. I love this program because David left nothing out and I hope you keep creating value for us marketers who are building our businesses and selling products

Melvin Bowers

"One Word Awesomeness"

One Word Awesomeness So much to say but keep it short. I've been working online for over 3 years trying to be successful in my busy life with family bought nearly everything online e books, software, videos,funnels also resell rights but no joy I'm doing something wrong, then suddenly I was looking on Google for a product and found supersalesmachine WOW the had everything under one roof like a shopping mall no need to go anywhere Awesome. Keep up the Awesome work Team David No1 block buster

Mark Eusebe


To Your Success!

David Railey is an established internet marketer with over 15 years of online experience. He provides innovative high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for marketers. The Ultra Sales Machine is the result of years of knowledge and experience all condensed into one powerful marketing system that any beginner and expert can profit from. David will be handling all the backend sales and future product launches on your behalf to ensure you continue to profit!

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