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One of the great advantages of an internet marketing business is the variety of strategies and business models you can choose from...

Each one has their own advantages however what might work for you, might not work well for someone else... and what might work well for others might not work well for you.

In the beginning it is a game of hit and miss... There's no getting aronud it because it's all part of the process.

Unfortunately many people take the process too personally and become emotionally attached to the results... be it good or bad.

...So is there are way to save your frustrations and energy and go through multiple business models quickly to find out which ones work for you and which ones you like? Luckily for you there is!

"Truth is... Not All Online Business Models Work!"

Whilst there are literally 100s of online business models... not to mention 1000s more variations of each one... there are only a handful of them that are truly worth your attention!

The fact is many so-called business models are short term, overly complicated, very risky, or simply don't give you full control over your business.

If you want to avoid the guessing game and jump straight into the action where it matters most then you'll want to pay close attention!

I.M. Business Models is a unqiue video course designed to walk you through four highly profitable online business models. These include... email marketing, buying and selling solo ads, to product launches, to selling high-ticket programs, to even starting an ecommerce business.

The real power of this is you DO NOT have to stick to one business model. You can merge several models together or you can take the best parts from one, add it to another to create your own unique twist.

Check out the full details below...

Module 1 - Product Launch Secrets

Welcome to Internet Business Models! Over the next 4 modules, we'll cover the 4 different ways to make money off the Internet. You'll learn how to launch your digital products, build an online advertising empire, leverage off the eCommerce trend and even set up your high ticket offers and programs!

This is super important and with you going through this training, you are putting yourself ahead of the pack. Why? Because most people jump in head on without understanding the framework and concept of the respective business model, they end up making more mistakes than progress and spend more time, money and resources unnecessarily. Guess what happens after that?

Yep! They get frustrated and give up when they are so close to success. It's like 3 feet from gold. This training helps you to strike gold by understanding the business model first so you can execute the plan effectively.

Lesson 1.0 - Introduction to the Product Launch Model

The first module is Product Launch Secrets. This training is designed specifically for those who want to launch their first product online. No more going through random trial and error before launching a product because what I'm about to share with you is the complete launch model you need.

You'll be guided through the 8 important elements of a successful launch. These elements are modelled off what is currently being used by 6 and 7-figure internet marketers who launch their own products each month in the market and some even say it is the gold standard of product launches.

Lesson 1.1 - Planning Your First Product Launch Successfully

The first component of launching your product is to plan your launch. This sounds simple but it is one of the most overlooked steps by new internet marketers.

First, you need to do market research. This is before anything else so you can create a product with high relevance to the needs of the market. This is a cornerstone rule in internet marketing but it is also one of the most skipped or overlooked steps by internet marketers. Creating a new product without doing research is very risky as it can potentially waste your precious time, money and resources.

Lesson 1.2 - The Art of Copywriting for High Conversion Rates

The next component of launching your digital product is copywriting. All sales of digital products are heavily influenced by good copywriting. No matter how good or how relevant you think your product is for the market, if your communication or selling story is wrong, you won't be able to even make one sale.

Copywriting is a valuable skill in any online business and it is the number one key factor of your success. Remember, it is not just about your product, but your skill to create desire in your prospect. There are 8 steps in creating a hypnotic sales letter to hook your customers.


Lesson 1.3 - Outsource Your Work to Streamline Your Business

In this module you'll learn the steps on how and why you should outsource some of your tasks. You should outsource your work as your business grows because time is your most precious asset and it is more valuable than the money you are making. In the product launch model, creating a product is the most time consuming phase. To mitigate this, you can outsource the job to freelancers or use private label rights products.

Lesson 1.4 - Creating a Sales Funnel for Maximum Profit

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a follow-up sequence that upgrades your product offers. It is designed to maximize the amount of income you can earn from the customers on your site.

After selling your first product, you realize one product is not enough so you start selling your second. Then a third, fourth and the list continues. If you think this is considered too much, just remember, new mobile phones, cars, are released every year.

Demand is in abundance. If you don't come up with a proper business plan for the upgrade, others will grab the opportunity away from you. Strategizing is key so you must have a Sales Funnel.


Lesson 1.5 - Striking up JV Partners for Instant Buyer Traffic

In this module, I will show you how to flood your inbox with crazy amount of sales using Joint Venture partnerships or JV. In every business model, especially one related to product launches, you need to leverage off promoters, in other words, a JV.

A JV is a deal between product vendors or creators and the affiliate to promote a product in exchange for a commission. So, unlike traditional agreements, JV partners may enjoy several special privileges like higher commission pay out, early review access and a degree of influence over your offer and product launches.


Lesson 1.6 - Time to Launch and the Things You Need

In this module, I'm going to show you what you need to do during your product launch. There are 3 phases in a product launch; pre-launch, launch and post launch.

If you do not pay extra attention on the preparation, the pre-launch phase will either make you or break you. There are 4 things to take note of during the pre-launch phase.


Lesson 1.7 - Concluding Your Product Launch

In this final chapter of Product Launch Secrets model, you learn the things you need to do Post-Launch. There are 3 things for you to take note of; i. Building Your Mailing List, ii. Creating A Solid Foundation With Your Buyers iii. Planning Your Next Launch

Plan your next launch. This is the ultimate secret of Internet marketing gurus to big paydays. When you continue launching products, it increases your presence in the market. It gives you a higher chance to become a market leader.

Module 2 - Email Marketing, Buying and Selling Ads

Building an email list of highly targeted readers and promoting products and solutions that they need is one of the most straighforward and simplest ways to run an online business.

However, simple doesn't necessarily mean it's easy. There are many obstacles and challenges you will face, and if you're not in the right frame of mind... will cause you to quit.

That's why it's always a good idea to learn from those who have made those mistakes and learned from them... so you don't have to.

Lesson 2.0 - Introduction to Email Marketing and Solo Ads

In this model, you learn about 'Solo Ads' brokering. This model equips you with the relevant information to build your business as a Solo Ads broker.

What are Solo Ads? To make it simple, Solo Ads is a form of advertisement sent out to an entire or a portion of an email subscriber list. The rule is you are purchasing your intended audience or targeted traffic in the form of a mailing list. Your main goal is to drive them to your landing page. You may also purchase Solo Ads to promote an affiliate link.

Where do you find your targeted audience or your intended mailing list? Generally, when you have ideal audiences in mind you have two choices. You may deal with a 'Solo Owner' where they have already established their own mailing list in a specific niche. You may also contact an 'Ads Broker', who acts as an 'agent' for this business.

Lesson 2.1 - How to Purchase Your List - Part 1

In this chapter, you learn how to generate and purchase your traffic via Solo Ads, specifically focusing on 'Solo Owners'.

Solo owners are individuals who own their own Solo Ads. They have established their own mailing lists where they will sell a Solo Ad to you and is dependent on your market. Usually, solo owners will charge you by Cost-Per Click (CPC). This depends on how many customers are interested and click on your email for further information.

Lesson 2.2 - How to Purchase Your List - Part 2

We explore another initiative to generate your traffic, which is based on 'Solo Ads Brokers'. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to weigh your choices in generating traffic.

Solo ads brokers are individuals who may manage 20 -30 mailing lists, assigned by their respective owners. They observe the progress of each list carefully. They are also known as the agents of Solo Ads, just like how real estate agents function in the property investment scene.

They know which lists are active and which are not. They also have an idea of the list's interests and how many clicks are made per list.

Lesson 2.3 - The Expert Rules on How to Be a Solo Ads Broker

In this chapter, we provide you the expert rules on how to kick start your own solo ads business. There are three major rules to be a solo ads broker: 1. You need to build your own list, 2. Be selective in renting out your list, 3. Track the progress of the solo ads.

The first expert rule is to start building your own list. This is important as you can never start your solo ads broker journey without having a list. Usually, a solo ads broker must have a large list which you can sell to your clients so you can deliver the maximum amount of clicks.

Lesson 2.4 - The Expert Rules How to Scale Your Email Business

We have come to the fifth chapter of the Solo Ads series. In this chapter, you learn how to scale your solo ads business to keep it going! The solo ads broker business is highly dependent not only on the quality of the list, but also word-of-mouth.

Your business has a very low chance of gaining frequent and loyal clients if you have poor results or low optins percentage.

There are 2 major ways for you to scale your solo ads broker business to ensure maximum performance each time around: 1. Maintaining and cultivating your list 2. Provide testimonials and feedback of your performance


Lesson 2.5 - The Pros and Cons of a Solo Ads Business

In this final chapter, you are able to understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages of venturing as a solo ads broker. This helps you to consider and weigh your options so you can minimize your loss, and maximize your return on investment.

When you have mastered the art of selling solo ads especially in a targeted niche, there is certainly a huge potential in accumulating massive profit, especially if you have a set of fresh subscribers each round and loyal clients.

Module 3 - eCommerce Profits

The eCommerce business is one of the hottest trending business online right now because it allows access to hundreds and millions of people worldwide - making it easier to gain buyers, sales and massive profits.

It will not give you riches and wealth overnight. It's not an overnight success but it is an easy way to get sales and profit. You need to put in the hours to succeed.

Lesson 3.0 - Introduction to the eCommerce Business Model

If you want to grow your business further, you need to spend effort on marketing, advertising and promoting your online store. You don't have to bother with shipping and management. All those tasks can be done automatically by your supplier and online store.

Lesson 3.1 - Choosing Your Niche Carefully and Wisely

A product niche helps to establish a solid ground for your business. You can't just change from one business to another and expect your trustworthy buyers to keep up.

Start selling something which you have at least a slight interest or liking in. This is so you have the motivation to get through the days of low sales and technical issues.

There are 3 ways to decide a niche which we'll discuss in detail in this lesson.

Lesson 3.2 - Creating a Brand that Your Customers will Recognize

A brand is like an identity for you and your business. Not only it gives you a sense of ownership but a good brand connects to your prospects and buyers at an emotional level.

Do you remember the last time you bought from your favourite brand? When you finally bought it, it made you feel happy and fulfilled; all because you got it from your favourite brand. That is the goal you want to achieve when establishing a brand connection to your customers.

When you have your own brand, you are unique and interesting. One of the most distinctive advantages of having a brand is the ability to add value to everything you are selling. This is how you secure your customers' loyalty.

Lesson 3.3 - How to Source for Suppliers and Designers

Next, we discuss about hiring suppliers and designers.

To begin looking for products, you need to be on the lookout for any white label products. White label products are items manufactured by a single company and is rebranded by another company to make it look like their own. Many giant companies practice this method. Some white label products out there consist from make-up brand all the way to t-shirts.

Once you've found your supplier, you need to ensure that the companies are willing to drop ship. Most of them will let you pre-purchase units if you want to keep some of them at your home office. But they will still keep your products in their warehouse and fulfil the order for you.

Lesson 3.4 - Steps to Setting up Your Online Store

You will be needing a suitable platform for your products to sell from. Your site is the main medium between you and your prospects. They are going to review your items and place their orders here.

Which platforms is the right kind of platform for your business? Based on research and analytics, the best platform that you can use to build your website is using Shopify, Facebook and Instagram.


Lesson 3.5 - Boosting Sales with the Print on Demand Model

The first type of ecommerce business you can do is Print-On-Demand or POD.

An on-demand delivery is the immediate or scheduled delivery of your product to your customer. It is being initiated immediately right after they make their order.

Many of the largest retailers in the world has taken a note of POD business and realize that they can assist in getting products to customers quicker. Retailers like Amazon, Target and even Walmart can help you ship your products faster than a direct delivery from your manufacturer.


Lesson 3.6 - Selling without Stocking Dropshipping Model

The final ecommerce business type is dropshipping.

Unlike POD, running a dropshipping business means you sell the products that you don't own, to your customers. When you receive orders, your chosen supplier ships the product directly to your customers.

Your profit is simply the difference between the cost of your own purchase and the money that you asked from your customers.

Module 4 - High Ticket Program

Welcome to the final module of Internet Business Models. In this module, you learn how to generate massive and instant profits with less effort.

Lesson 4.0 - Introduction to High-Ticket Programs

What are high ticket programs? High ticket offers or programs are usually associated with sales starting from $1000 and can go up to $25,000 or more.

The products you offer may range from digital, coaching or consultation products or all of the mentioned to provide clients with high value training and exceptional results. These products usually offer clients the ultimate or turnkey solution to their problems.

In order for you to promote your high ticket programs, it has to go through a sales funnel which brings your client through a journey with you.

Lesson 4.1 - Why High-Ticket Programs Work so Well

In this chapter, you learn why high ticket programs are important in your online business.

High ticket programs serve an integral role in your online business, especially when it comes down to your sales funnel. This is where you are able to gain massive sales with minimum effort!

Why high ticket programs? There are 4 main reasons why you should incorporate high ticket programs in your online business: 1. Transformation 2. Video testimonials 3. Filtered clients 4. Instant commissions

Lesson 4.2 - The Pros and Cons of High-Ticket Programs

We will list down the pros and cons of high ticket programs so you can maximize your return on investment and minimize loss. First and foremost, let's list down the values high ticket programs may offer towards your online business. The benefits are:

1. High ticket programs help you build a scalable business, 2. Massive and instant commissions with less effort, 3. Less money and time spent on marketing

High ticket programs help you build a scalable business. Let's illustrate an example. If it costs you $200 to generate a lead and you are selling your product at $300, you only gain $100 in profit. However, if you sell your product at $1000, which is your high ticket offer, you instantly gain a massive profit of $800.

Lesson 4.3 - The Process to Create Your High Ticket Programs

There are 3 stages in creating your high ticket programs. 1. Build a list (minimum 2000-3000 subscribers), 2. Organize a free webinar for 3 weeks, 3. Offer them a transformational program worth $5000

The first stage in realizing your high ticket program is to build a list of at least 2000 to 3000 subscribers. This step is important because this is where you generate your high ticket leads from. Without a list, there is no audience for your show to begin with.

You can build your list almost instantly via Solo Ads, as mentioned in the second business model. This saves you a lot of time and helps you tremendously in acquiring prospects.

Lesson 4.4 - High-Ticket Strategies to Maximize Your Sales

In this lesson we will talk about the 2 different strategies to hypnotize your prospects towards your high ticket programs!

The two different strategies to execute your high ticket offers are: 1. The $500 Filter 2. Educating your prospects through different channels Firstly is "The $500 Filter".

The first step to take in filtering your prospects towards your high ticket programs is by offering your subscribers a $500 program. The price is set to $500 as to ensure you attract only qualified clients that would take the high ticket programs seriously.

Some prospects who participate in your front end offer are only interested in the freebies and bonuses offered. The worst kind of clients is those who want free stuff and are demanding. You are not going to get them to invest a single cent with you therefore filtering your potential high ticket clients is an important step.


Lesson 4.5 - Various High-Ticket Models You Can Use

In this lesson we'll walk you through the high ticket programs options available for you. There are various methods for you to choose from to make money with high ticket programs. These options are: 1. Sell through automated webinars, 2. "Done For You" services, 3. Mastermind groups, 4. Seminar, retreats or workshops

Firstly, you can sell your high end products via automated or evergreen webinars. Webinars are a great option to consider, as it enables you to attract a large number of qualified prospects in need of your service when you focus on your niche and market your webinar strategically.

These prospects appreciate the value you deliver and are willing to purchase your products no matter how much it costs. Of course this depends on how well you pitch your program in the webinar. By marketing your products to a large number of audiences at once, you save a lot of time and generate instant sales! You can easily sell $997-$2997 programs through automated webinars.

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Hi David, I can't start to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with the Ultra Sales Machine. I intially thought I was only going to get a few generic videos and some simple websites, but your course and system goes absolutely more than the extra mile. I can't see how I could not make money using this system. Everything from the professional squeezepages and quality products and DFY membership sites make it easy to earn your first money online and scale it up to the point you can make a living from it. I am going through the training videos for the second time now and I found it amazing how plain and concise they are and don't leave out any details. Truly what I needed to help reduce the confusion associated with TMI (too much information). Following them step by step makes putting everything together a breeze. The monthly Niche Review sites also make it easy to add income from multiple niches without having to be an expert in all of them. That intrigued me a lot, because my time is limited and I am able to test potential new niches without investing tons of time (which I don't have) into learning about them. They make it easy to lead my customers to quality Clickbank solutions without a lot of fuss. I also love the fact that I can use your products for lead magnets to develop my email lists and then pass them onto my customers to use for creating their lists. Add to it the 700 Traffic Strategies bonus and you can't go wrong. Getting people on the my list has never been easier and the sales are starting to roll in as well. All in all, I am more than pleasantly surprised to find so much value in the Ultra Sales Machine in a market where so many marketers try to get by on doing the bare minimum. You are a breathe of fresh air and I look forward to a long term partnership through your program. Thank you again for being the light at the end of the IM tunnel.

John Rotnem<

"Thanks for these amazing offers and treats."

I was just new to the warriorplus system when I found his product, the graphics, the presentation, the design of the funnels, everything is really pulling me to buy, and yes fortunately I did. Now I am enjoying getting good contents and very well thought of training videos which are really the things I am looking around to expand my products. I still cannot believe that I could be getting this much value for the price I paid, he has provided me a lot of what is needed to be able to run a beautiful and well-presented mini-sites. I spent a lot of money trying things out, and I have seen good offers around, but the one he is providing is far superior. It is a like the whole bunch of products from other sellers being wrapped into one and yet given as FREE! Amazing. Really cannot believe this program is existing around, with all the confusions of seeing a lot of online offers, anyone will not really be able to check the best one, and so I am lucky to be able to catch his products in one or two searches only in warriorplus. I know this is really gonna work for me as long as I take focus on these lessons he has prepared for newbies like me. I am excited what is next and I believe this is just an excellent start for me. Thanks man, thanks for creating this program that benefits both sides the best. Thanks for these amazing offers and treats.

Mark Cyril Jubay

"You have a gift for sure . You will definitely be the reason I succeed and I will succeed! "

Hey David I just wanted to tell you how much I love your new course, you continually provide us with top quality material that is easy to understand and more importantly easy to implement. I am always blown away with how much content you give us its almost too much if that's possible. Your free content especially giving us complete websites pure genius, I have been having problems getting a site set up for awhile now, thanks for solving that problem for me. Before I found your content I spent so much money trying to make sense of the web, I purchased so many things that were going to help, but I always felt like I was missing something after I went through the training. I found out later a lot of marketers hold something back so they can get another sale no wonder I couldn't get ahead. I couldn't get a damn thing done. Your training is always complete and I feel like I am finally understanding the workings of the internet. For me creating income online is something I have to do in order to provide for my family. Initially I had no idea how much you need to know it gets overwhelming at times. I grew up with encyclopedias so I had to start at the beginning talk about a newbie!! Anyway I am a groupie for life. Thanks for doing what you do, You have a gift for sure . You will definitely be the reason I succeed and I will succeed! Thanks Again

Danielle M Pistoni

"YOU CAN STOP LOOKING! Ultra Sales Machine is EXACTLY what you have been looking for!"

If you are looking for a REAL online business, and you're reading this, then you can stop looking! Ultra Sales Machine is by far the best online business provider I have ever seen. They don't just sell you a website and disappear they create you a full blown site that includes sales pages, squeeze pages, and just about anything else you might want and need to grow your online empire! You should also know that in addition to the best products I have seen Ultra Sales Machine provides HANDS DOWN the best service I have ever seen! The service folks at Ultra Sales Machine don't make someone like me, that really does not have a clue about "behind the screen stuff" feel stupid! They take the time to make sure you get what you want AND understand how it works! If you have been looking for a GREAT Online business that will allow you to work more on sales and getting customers instead of trying to figure out how you're gonna make your web page look like you want and actually do something to help you earn online! Also, Ultra Sales Machine is NOT just a "one Trick Pony"! They actually have a BROAD RANGE of products that you can use and/or sale for profits! Need to learn how to generate traffic to your website(s) Ultra Sales Machine has LEGIT Hard, Core HOW-TO VIDEO CLASSES you can learn with! Take it from me if you have been looking for an online business that provides the best training, a huge product line and the best in the business service... YOU CAN STOP LOOKING! Ultra Sales Machine is EXACTLY what you have been looking for! Ultra Sales Machine is a valuable, well organized online business that FAR EXCEEDS the cost! To Your Success, Steve Lanier

Steve Lanier

"Looking forward to working with this team and building my empire."

I have been trying to put systems together for years now. That has cost me tons of money and time trying to figure out how to make systems work together and getting traffic to the sites. Finding good content and product that are hot in the market and making money takes a lot of work and time. When doing this by your self can really wasted a lot of time I have decided to go with a system and a team who have been doing this for years and helping others make money on the internet. I am looking forward to getting success and following a business model that seems to be working for others. I have researched other on line systems and gurus that promise you the word and system that will have you making money in 24 hours. They all seems to be pushing the same thing with one little twist and then each funnel on the system has up grade upgrade and more upgrades that just get more expensive and I have not seen one that works so that I made any money in 24 hour like they all claim. Looking forward to working with this team and building my empire. This system has been good and the training videos have me more excited then I have in years after wasting so much money on other systems that do not do anything but drain your account. This is not one click system and is being promoted online today and it helps start a solid structure to build a empire on the internet. Thanks, Terrance

Terrance Duncan

"The value you bring is incredible"

This really is the most important lessen one has to go through. 20 mindset mistakes explained so well here is a lesson every entrepreneur needs to go through many times, until it changes him and makes him a person with mind set of a business owner. This is the first lesson and it is inspiring and has prompted me and I will go through every one of the lessons listed here. I am excited with this Ultra Sales Machine. I have been on the net trying to make some money and I am making small amounts, but I am so disorganized. One of the reasons I got in to this is to get organized. There are certain things that we need to do on a regular basis till we get to build a proper team that works for us. Until then, it is all just hard work. This lecture on the 20 mindset mistakes that each of us are bound to make is life changing and changes us to do the hard work with out grumbling. It has helped me to understand why I am trying to be an internet marketer. Who I am and what I want. Now I have a clear goal and am ready to do all that is necessary to reach to that goal. Most of us settle for a routine life where we do the same thing every day to survive and be respectable in our society. It is only when we realize that we are worth more than what we think we are and want to change and work differently is when we bring out the best from with in us. And Ultra Sales Machine is a great place to be. I hope to stick to SSM and achieve all that they have said is possible.

Jasper Dawson

"This is a exceptional course for beginner or experience business owners."

David this product is as many of your product, high quality and complete. I finished many of the lessons, but continue to go back to lesson one for a reminder of those mistake that many marketer make. the mistake that I was making. chasing the dollar instead of providing value has elevated my entire business process. This is a exceptional course for beginner or experience business owners. I have referred this course to many of my friends. Thinking that many of the programs and course that i have invested have been created with a get rich quick scheme and has only taken my money wit very little return on investment. I have started to focus only on positive stuff and i understand the importance of accepting full responsibility for those things that happen and those things that failed to happen in my life and my business. I am a retired school teacher and a technology coach. I taught my students the value of being wise and managing their finance. Students who decide to invest in their education with time, collaboration and research will benefit in their professional life. I have started to these processes in my building my mailing lists and generating sales and leads. This course is easy to follow and understand. He has constructed the lessons for the novice and experience marketer. I love this program because David left nothing out and I hope you keep creating value for us marketers who are building our businesses and selling products

Melvin Bowers

"This is incredible! The tactics are brilliant"

This is incredible! The tactics are brilliant, I should've learned about this when I was just starting out in internet marketing. There are so many ideas coming out of my head right now, but this is by far the best asset for someone who is just starting out like me. The quality and the way they structured everything is really amazing. About the training, it's very informative and gives lots of value, I've met with different online marketers and I can say that are handful of them that says that they can really help you succeed. This product can actually do all this and Thanks to David and his team, those who will encounter your product will really benefit and become successful too. Building your own product and membership sites especially if your just starting out is not really easy and with all this distractions and your every day lives, you will end up doing nothing and getting zero results. This one is pure genius, you don't need to worry that you are not going to give quality training to your lists or subscribers or your lead and prospects because the information, methods,tactics, mindsets, technical and other techniques are being taught in all the membership sites. The methods, tactics, information are all the same and why not get it done for you and use it to serve your audience, prospects, use it as a lead generation for your own business.... That's why I encourage those who are just starting out to check this out and just implement and take action right away.- Gary

Gary Flores

"Trust me if you can do this many of your pages would rank well in search engines."

As a blogger and author I understand importance of content for any online business. Most of my websites are ranked well in search engine due to my content based websites. To compete with other websites you need contents on regular basis. But writing content on a regular basis is not so easy. And if you think like me, this website is a great solution for you. As a blogger I suggest you try supersalesmachine. Writing content for your blog would never be a problem for you. I have checked PLR contents from other websites also. At this price what you are getting here is not only the cheapest but also the best at this price. Let me share with you some personal experience. I took 3/4 articles at a time. I mix those and then change some of the words and syntax's. I try to make it as much original as I can. Then I add some keywords maintaining keyword density for SEO purpose. Trust me if you can do this many of your pages would rank well in search engines. Try it for 30 days and see the result yourself. Another advantage of using PLR of this site is getting ideas about so many niches. Before subscribing to this site I didn't have any idea about these many number of niches and even sub sub niches. The creator of this site has done enough research on niche selection before publishing this site. Just check this site today and I am sure you will love this.

Soumen Ghosh


"Incredible amount of work!"

I am absolutely fascinated by the "Newbie Sales Machine" program that I have just read about. You are ever so right in writing "so you threw the idea of product creation out of the window long ago after you realized how difficult it was". Incredible amount of work! I discovered your program quite by accident as I was reviewing a site and thought that the composition was exactly what I was looking for and noticed that it was powered by "SuperSalesMachine". I did research 'SuperSalesMachine" and decided to enrol in a membership. I have spent many weeks searching for a program that would provide the DFY features and support that I believe your program offers. I am completely new in the actual process of building a website, lead magnets, sales funnel, upsells, down sells, email tagging, traffic and so on. So, you can imagine my "wow" expression in relation to all that your offer. I am very excited to get started and become completely familiar with the program and begin making sales of my membership and building a downline. Looking forward to working with you!

Wil Aselstine

"The entrepreneur's way is a real answer."

I had been wandering around in the IM space for years. So many options. So many turns. Thank you, thank you. It was so nice to find this option which is laid out step by step. Awesome. And it works. If only this would have been available when I was younger. But no time like the present. With this, I am able to demonstrate to the next generation that the principles of self-sufficiency are stable and fun. It has taken a teachable spirit to start from scratch again, but it has all been worth it. I look forward to each day now. I have more time to spend with my children and my writing. Plus, I don't have to say, "We can't afford it." If there is something we need, we simply run a new campaign. This opens a lot of opportunities in the ministry as well. As I have been given the opportunity to go into the prisons and preach, teach and care for many forgotten people. Now, I can devote more time to investing in their lives. Plus, I was never able to save, to actually invest much in the future. Now, I can let my excess revenue build up, so that I will have money to retire on and pass forward to my large family. Thank you, thank you. What a blessing this has become. If I could introduce this to every sincere hearted prisoner, it would be great. The largest problem is that, after they have paid their time, there is a lack of jobs. So they become dependent... or go back into crime. The entrepreneur's way is a real answer.



To Your Success!

David Railey is an established internet marketer with over 15 years of online experience. He provides innovative high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for marketers. The Ultra Sales Machine is the result of years of knowledge and experience all condensed into one powerful marketing system that any beginner and expert can profit from. David will be handling all the backend sales and future product launches on your behalf to ensure you continue to profit!

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