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Wouldn't It Just Be EASIER, Faster & More Convenient (Not To Mention Profitable) If Everything Was...

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The 100% Automated DFY Sales Funnel

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  • A complete done-for-you turnkey business solution.
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  • No webiste domain reuired.
  • No monthly hosting fees required.
  • This one system gives you everything you need to make money online.

"I was a bit skeptical"

To start with i was a bit skeptical about throwing out $97 and handing over my personal details, but i quickly forgot about that. The funnel is huge and i know for a fact if you were to do it yourself it would cost a lot more than what he charges not to mention the time spent putting it together. I got it setup in about two days and i am truly impressed. Everything is setup, there is literally nothing to do except drive traffic at it - Mark Barrett

"Holy Cow! Talk about OVER-DELIVERING!"

When David says "Everything Done for You" he means EVERYTHING! I now have my very own fully automated website setup to create a HUGE list and sales. The attention to detail is AMAZING! Nothing seems to have been left out. The package covers virtually every possible item that could be needed when creating a powerful sales page or optin page. - Phil G

>"amazed by the quantity and quality"

Has anyone any idea of how much work David Railey puts in to this offer? I was amazed by the quantity and quality of his work in setting up what I hope is going to be a very profitable business for me. In terms of value for money, it would be hard to imagine anyone coming up with a better deal than this! - Keith Darby

"been looking all over for a custom sales funnel like this"

I've been looking all over for a custom sales funnel like this...wow you have really out done your self on this one. Looks amazing compared to similar offers I have came across lately. Gonna Grab this one. - Joseph Latham

"If you need everything done, David is the man to go to"

Wow! If you need everything done, David is the man to go to fast turn around, and he answer your questions, if you have problems! - Dennis Skatt

"You received a payment of $17.00 USD from..."

Today is Tuesday the 25th. David had this set up and traffic ready on Thursday the 27th. Less than 2 days and I have received 3 of the following notifications from PayPal: 'You received a payment of $17.00 USD from...' Are there any words that would describe the service David provides better than the words from PayPal? I don't think so. - Marie Cruz

"WOW! That is all I can say as I am speechless."

One of my goals was to create or find a sales funnel that I can start promoting and I can honestly say that goal has already been reached. David has thought of everything from great quality graphics to the well written sales page, you name it it is in this package. And for this price it is a steal! - Jeff G

For the first time you can have you very own automated list-building, traffic getting, sales generating system personalized, configured, and uploaded for you starting today!

...Without Having To Go Through The Painstaking Hassle Of Doing It Yourself!

Here's what this powerful installation includes...

High quality ever-green product installed on your server for you! (one of my best selling products, you now own licensing rights to it and we'll even install it for you!)
Professionally setup, ready to collect payments for you! - no need to edit any HTML/PHP yourself!
Includes high-converting squeeze page designed to suck in fresh leads every day!
Includes personally-written emails that pre-sell, educate and promote non-stop! These powerful emails keep sales coming in! (even when you don't feel like promoting anything!)
All emails are cleanly formatted and don't have silly jagged edges making you look like you like a true expert!
Includes instant up-sell and down-sell feature linked directly to your PayPal account! Build your list and make money at the same time!
Traffic workshop included to help you promote your system as soon as it's ready! (you can even start promoting your link now to get the traffic flowing!)
Full instructions and links of your system! Great when you need to get your download links for your customers, or want to jog your memory on what's happening behind the scenes!

the problem with this whole 'Internet Marketing' business 'Thingy-ma-jig'....

Everyone wants to make money online but they want it fast and 'now' without fully understand what they must do. The barrier is too low and most will fail before they've even started because they have no idea of what they're really getting themselves into!
There are too many things to learn, and too little time to learn them all. There are only 24 little hours in the day and most of that is spent sleeping or owing it to others which leaves little to actually DO anything.
There are so many business models to learn about and potentially make money with. You'd like to test the one which is right for you but there simply isn't enough time at this moment and real life money problems are starting to kick in.
You've read countless of eBooks or watch videos that tell you what to do but NOT exactly how to do it. You can understand the theory behind it however practical application is another matter altogether.
There are numerous systems that need to be in place BEFORE you can even promote a site. These 'systems' require time, practice and dedication. A luxury that not everyone has.
Mistakes are OK to make, however the more you make, the more expensive your business becomes. If you're not recuperating from what you've learned your business is going downhill.

...and so the list continues

Why Choose A 'Hand's-Free' Install Service?

Instead of spending all that time reading, experimenting, testing and spending why not just model off a system that is already a proven winner? Why not have the system in front of you, watch it make money for you, and then model off it so you can work with 100% certainty?

This is what Internet Business Empire is all about. It's more than just a 'service' for lazy people. It's a business model you can own and model off so you'll know exactly what to do in the future.

Look at it this way. If you created your own site, your own product and send traffic to it in the hope of selling something but didn't, you'd have to keep tweaking and adjusting your site until it made money for you.

If however you had a finished system setup on your server, you sent traffic to it and saw 'notification on an instant payment' hitting your inbox, you'll start to inspect it and understand how it works.

It's like being a detective and working backwards to trace your steps rather than looking for clues and going in all directions trying to find an answer. Instead the answer is already here and you just need to trace it back.

Introducing... Internet Business Empire

Your Complete List-Building And Sales In One!
Just Add Traffic And You're Good To Go!

Internet Business Empire is a complete system ready to be put on your server or ours. All the systems are in place to help you build your list, up-sell offers, down-sell passes, hand out free gifts, promote your own line of hot selling products, cross-sell affiliate products and independently promote affiliate products via email without you intervening.

Take a closer look at how the system works...

Let Me Walk You Through The Internet Business Empire Blueprint In 9 Easy Steps!

1. Traffic is sent to your squeeze page. Your squeeze page is installed in a root domain. So for example if your domain was 'yourdomain.com' the first thing a visitor will see is your squeeze page.
2. Your squeeze page asks the visitors to fill in a form and to enter their name and email. In exchange you provide them with free content related to what they're looking for.
3.a) You provide an special offer for your subscriber. This can be a premium version of what you just gave away. For example if you're giving away an eBook on 'how to create quality mini-site graphics on a shoe-string budget', your offer could be for 100 header banners for different niches. This can be sold for reasonable price of $10-$27. If someone has subscribed for an eBook on how to create graphics, it's reasonable that they'll willing to spent a little to have things done for them.
3.b) If your subscriber didn't buy, you offer a down-sell (a cheaper version of the previous offer). In this example instead of selling 100 header graphics, you could sell 50 for half the price. You could add another component to the offer to make it even more irresistable. Either way, your offer is there to monetize new subscribers.
4. Your subscriber is then taken to the download page for their free content. If they bought any of your previous offers they're taken to the respective pages.
5. Now your subscriber is confirmed and on your TrafficWave list. When people say 'build a list', 'the money is in the list' this is what they mean. In my mind, money has already been made and you've already shown them a pleasant transaction. Your auto-responder can take over from here and you'll have the ability to send out broadcast emails on demand to any URL you want.
6. Your new subscribers will automatically receive emails starting from day one. Not every email has to be a promotion. Some will contain useful 'how-to' info, some will contain opinions and advice from yourself, and others will be promoting your products. You need to space your emails in your auto-responder about 4-7 days apart so that they're consisent but not irritating. Imaging receiving an email every day from the same person?... You'd probably unsubscribe!
7. When you promote an offer, you should be offering up-sells as soon as possible. For example, if a subscriber joins your list and then decides to buy a product of yours, you could offer a Resell Rights license to your product for an extra fee. This way you're catering to your subscriber's needs while maximizing your profits.
8. In this example, email #6 is an affiliate promotion. Instead of sending your subscriber to one of your products, this time you'll be getting them to click on your affiliate link. If they purchase you make a commission. Having a list of subscribers allows you to both sell your own products and recommend other's as an affiliate. You can see why 'the money is in the list'.
9. The other powerful feature of list building is your ability to send out emails to everyone whenever you want. If a new piece of software was released and you wanted to recommend it to your subscribers as an affiliate, you could write a quite email, explain the situation and then mail it. Broadcast emails tend to bring in hordes of sales within a short space of time.

This is the system in a nutshell. There are more details we can go into like copy-writing, design and layout, tracking, what initial up-sells to provide, what prices to set your up-sells, how to set up an affiliate program, where to get free content etc. etc. but to give you an overall view of the system, this is it. It has served me well and will continue to do so for as long as the internet in around.

And don't worry, the whole point is not for you to learn every single detail - but to know that it can be ALL setup for you so you only have to focus on getting traffic to the starting point!

Here's An In-Depth Look At Your List-Building Sales Funnel System Designed To Suck In Fresh Targeted Leads!

List building is probably the single most important aspect of generating income online. Without it, internet marketing would generally be a lot harder which is why we place a lot of emphasis on building solid squeeze pages that generate killer conversions rates every time! Take a look in detail at JUST the sign up system we have ready and prepared for you to use.

Step #1: Squeeze page - This is where you'll be sending traffic to. You'll be offering free gifts (in this case reading material) in exchange for your visitor's name and email. There are mechanisms in place like above-the-fold sign form, eye-catchy arrows guiding the visitor, attention grabbing headline, not to mention fantastic graphics that'll make a huge first impression.
Step #2: Special offer - This is your offer put in place to monetize new subscribers. This may very well be the last time they see your website, so now it a good time to make a sale. Here you'll be offering Master Resell Rights to the eBooks they just signed up for. This allows them to start making money with the products by selling them to their own customers.
Step #3: Down-sell - For those who don't purchase right away, there is a down-sell in place which is a 'lighter' version of the previous offer. If the previous price was too high, or the amount of content provided was too much, your down-sell is there to offer a more suitable package.
Step #4: Confirmation page - TrafficWave by default requires your subscribers to confirm that they subscribed to your list. This is a good thing because it'll deter visitops from entering false information in your system. The last thing you need is a mailing list of false freebie seekers!
Step #5: Download page - This contains all the report you promised your visitor on your squeeze page. If they purchased any of your offers, you will be providing the links for them accordingly. The download page is dynamically adjusted depending on what the visitor bought. Your subscriber is also reminded about the other offers they were shown previously. Sometimes it's necessary for multiple visits to an offer just so they can take their time and read the sales letter!
Step #6: Cross-sell - Your new subscribers are now encouraged to check out other offers. This allows you to generated recurring commission on quality membership products without having to do any more work. Make a sale once, get paid month after month. We've set up the system to only recommend a couple of products. We've found in the past that promoting too many links can deter visitors so we focus only on the best products that will bring in the most income long term.


Build Your Internet Business Using A
High Quality AutoResponder
Like TrafficWave!

Why Use TrafficWave?

Most companies charge you more as your list grows. The more successful you are at building your lists, the more money THEY make!

Why pay extra just because your list grows?

TrafficWave.net charges a low monthly flat rate of $17.95 for unlimited campaigns and unlimited leads per campaign!

TrafficWave.net Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing - No Long-Term Contract. FREE 30 Day Trial.

While other companies charge you more as your lists grow, TrafficWave.net is always a low monthly subscripton of just $17.95 per month.

That's less than sixty cents a day for powerful email marketing tools.

You can easily increase sales and dramatically reduce your marketing costs with TrafficWave.net's Email Marketing tools.

Compare To The Competition:

The table below show a comparison of what some of the other autoresponder services charge compared to TrafficWave.net's low monthly flat rate:

List Size:
Constant Contact






* Pricing info is a range and will vary based on list size and other variables

Don't have a TrafficWave Account? You can test drive one HERE.


Having your own squeeze page system and your own product to sell is just the tip of the ice-berg! The bulk of your income will come new products that generate new sales!

By yourself, you'd probably have a hard time knowing what to do with your products, but with our help and our established presence online everything integrated into one neat system, everything is automated and truly 'set and forget!' You're standing on the shoulders of giants so you can develop much faster!

Making a single commission sale will cover your setup fee many times over! And that's hardly a comprenshive list of all the products you'll be able to earn from!

We do ALL the work so you're not wasting time Buying the next Shiny Object from Another 'Guru'!

Okay... so here's a step-by-step approach of what we're going to do for you...

1. We personalize the system to match your details - this includes your name on the sales page of every product as well as your support email address on the footer of every page including the download pages of your products and an up-to-date disclaimer on the footer of every page matching your domain name.
2. We create PayPal payment buttons - PayPal buttons are a chore but we our help we can set that up for you. We take your PayPal email address and create two buttons for each product you'll be selling. We create two PayPal buttons for your squeeze page during the up-sell and down-sell process. More payment buttons and more offers means more steams of income for you!
3. We create a new auto-responder campaign in your TrafficWave account - If you don't know your way around TrafficWave's auto-responder system or still getting to grips with it, it can be very frustrating. With our help we'll get everything in working order starting with a new auto-responder campaign. This will most likely become your primary income generator!
4. We Customize your confirmation request and redirect to it back to a bonus gift - With TrafficWave's double opt-in feature subscribers are asked to confirm before they receive any emails from you. To keep your conversions high we add a customized email into the initial sequence which offers another gift just for subscribing. This gets them clicking on the activation link and more importantly gets them on your list!
5. We encode your campaign details into your squeeze page - Creating an auto-responder campaign and adding the opt-in code can be a challenging task especially when you want it to look right. Again we make quick work of this and have a professional looking opt-in in form (better than TrafficWave's standard templates) ready to build your list!
6. We populate your auto-responder sequence with emails to promote your installed products - Writing promo emails takes real skill and patience to learn. We've written the emails for you and will add them into your new auto-responder sequence so your products are promoted automatically!
7. We upload the system to your server - Once the system has been updated and modified with your details, we upload it to your server. You are hosting the reseller sites on your server however the products are hosted on our fast and reliable Amazon servers which means that no matter how much traffic to send into the system, it'll still be able to sustain the pressure rather than having your server crashing!
8. We verify that the system is working - No one likes to be sent to broken links, nor do they like to click on 'buy now' buttons that don't work or get taken to a 404 error page which is why we manually check the system to ensure everything works.
9. We email you when it's done - After we're happy with everything, we send you an email with all the information you need to take charge. This includes the download pages to your products including their access keys, the products you'll be promoting as an affiliate, the download links to the products on the Amazon server and so forth. Although not necessary, we like to ensure you know what's where if you ever needed it!
10. We provide you with traffic training and instructions - Your system is now setup and ready to roll! All you need now is to send traffic to the starting point. To help you with this, you'll be provided online access to training videos so you'll know exactly what to do from here onwards.


Full traffic training now included so you'll know how to bring fresh new leads to your system
from day 1

Included with your Internet Business Empire is a complete traffic generation course. You'll be shown the best ways to generate traffic using both free and paid methods. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use.

Here are just some of the tactics you'll be shown...

How to compete and beat the biggest websites online with absolutely no advertising budget!

My secret system and process for generating targeted traffic to your website within 24 hours!

Proven SEO strategies that only the most seasoned SEO professionals are aware of.

My list of special websites that you should be using to drive massive traffic, and how to leverage them for massive online traffic.

One viral marketing strategy very few marketers even use and how you can tap into this for massive traffic.

A strategy that most people associate with promoting an offline business, but if you actually take this method online the results are amazing for increasing your traffic!

How to properly repurpose your content to create a massive influx of cash-in-hand website visitors nearly begging to become your next customer.

The process for using a secret website to find and gain massive back links from up and coming powerful websites.

A Solo Blast email to the squeeze page I build for you from one of my list of over 20,000 emails, to get you leads and turn your Business Empire into PROFIT!

Plus much, much more!

By the time you get done with this course you'll know exactly how to get tons of free traffic to any website you want. From content sites, blogs, squeeze pages, MLM signup pages, AdSense sites, affiliate review sites... whatever the site you'll know how to get traffic to it.

The entire workshop is all video based, so you'll be watching what to do instead of just being told what to do like most people do in those ebooks that they try to sell you.

That's how serious I am about making your Business Empire a SUCCESS!

Why bother learning everything from scratch when you can take a shortcut?

You see, with a system in place like the one we can install for you, you won't need to mess around with HTML, Photoshop, FTP, copywriting, product creation, split-testing, conversions, creating payment buttons, setting prices, redirecting to your download page, optimizing your download page for cross-sells, creating a squeeze page, creating an auto-responder campaign, writing emails to convince subscribers to buy your products or any thing else that falls in this category.

You leave it all to us to do. Once it's set up, it's there for good and all you'll have to do is send traffic the system. That's it! And when you start making money with the system, you can even outsource your traffic so you won't even have to promote the system yourself!

I could tell you all about the importance of list building, creating a squeeze page, creating your own products, how to set up resell rights products as so on... but wouldn't it be simpler, smarter and more convenient to have this all under your belt already so you have a site ready to promote and start making money for you from day 1? You know the benefits of having everything done for you. I don't need to rattle on any further. All that's left is for you to make a decision - continue struggling and trying to do everything yourself, or pay a small fee and have EVERYTHING set up for you the pro way.

WOW! That's Over $3,600 Worth of Ready-to-Go Businesses You Can Start Using Immediately!

Let's add up the value of this package and keep in mind that these are conservative values based on what they could be sold for.

2 or 4 OTO installed products (3 Pages each OTO) @ $297 each = $1188
2 or 4 Exit Pop-Ups installed products @ $27 each = $108
2 or 4 Downsell installed products (2 Pages each downsell) @ $197 each = $788
2 or 4 OTO Optin with codes installed products @ $97 each = $388
Promotional emails installed @ $260 = $260
Traffic Training video course @ $17 each = $340
20,000+ Solo Email @ $297 = $297
System test @ $97 = $97
Grand Total = $3,646

What Are The Minimum Requirements
/ What Details Will I Need To Have Ready?

If you want us to host your sites you can skip requirements 1 through 4.

1. Web hosting - you'll need hosting to host your website. Despite what you may have read in courses about 'parasite' hosting, having your own server shows your professionalism. You'll be able to register your own .com domain, email address to your domain, even brand products and logos to your domain. This is why we recommend your own independant hosting that you control from the start.
2. An new or existing domain name - this is where your system will be installed with your squeeze page at the root of this domain and your products in sub-directories. We recommend that you get a memorable, easy-to-type short domain with a .com extension.
3. Your domain name pointed to your server as an addon - you will need to connect your domain name to your server so that it registers when your domain it typed into the URL browser. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this as we can do it for you.
4. Your hosting IP, login username and password - this is so we can access your server and upload the system to your site. We do not store these details and you can create a temporary password and username if necessary.
5. An account with TrafficWave - this is the same auto-responder we've been using for years. Without it business would be very difficult. Make sure you register for an account.
6. Your TrafficWave login login username and password - we will need to access your account to create a new list campaign and to upload your auto-responder emails. We do not store these details and you can create a temporary password and username if necessary.
7. Your PayPal Email - you can sign up for at PayPal.com for a free merchant account. This is so you can accept payments online. That's it!


"I have made back at least 20 times my investment"

Your products sell really well for me. I have a responsive list of subscribers who like to purchase your products and yes, due to this very fact I have made back at least 20 times my investment. Your graphic designs are of a stunning quality and these help me sell products to my list in a big way. Keep up the momentum David! - Rachel Atkins

"It couldn't be any easier than this"

I've been on David's list for literally years, I actually retired for 3 years. But recently, decided to reactivate my online attempt to earn some retirement money. The changes that have taken place over the last 3 years have literally kept me in the dust. in doing what I was able to do before quite easily. After over 2 months I am now just getting a website setup effectively and am so excited to be using David's Internet Marketing Empire Done For You Funnel. What a relief to find this email from David, I was trying to build a funnel myself, but it is so intense trying to put all the levels together, and yes very time consuming never mind stressful. David's work is just beautiful, professional, up to date with the latest graphics and page development. I highly recommend him, he is there for you, does actually answer your email's and stays focused until he gets everything perfect for you! Thanks David, Lea Gail Parkhurst

"He leaves nothing out..."

I LOVE David's stuff. It's always fantastically presented and he leaves nothing out. Imagine the time you'll save not having to get graphics done or write salescopy from scratch. You'd be daft not to buy his stuff, it'll save you hours of hard work. Thanks David. - Clive Hitchcock

"I've been a huge fan of David's for more than a few years now."

I've been a huge fan of David's for more than a few years now. The main reason being: There are VERY few sources of quality, ready-made content that are good enough to meet my standards. When I want to acquire a product I can use immediately, or add value to and resell? HERE is where I go. Period. - Lon Naylor


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Can't Do The Technical Stuff? Get 20 Hot Squeeze Pages with Give-Away Reports You Can Brand with Your Very Own Products or Affiliate Product Links!M Finally attract quality subscribers without having to wrestle with third-party page builders and awkward autoresponders!

We created 20 high-converting squeeze page systems and packaged everything into one powerful setup service that will place you way ahead of the competition.

If you want to skip the learning curve, cut through months of content development, save hours of manual labor and shortcut your way to a multi-lead generating system, then pay close attention to every word on this page because this is for YOU.

Resell Rights include: The complete Super Signup System V4 PLUS..Sales and Download pages. You get the complete package to...Start Selling This Hot In Demand Product Right Away!

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Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

A value of $497! My Price $17 Yours FREE!



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The Accelerated Online Businesses
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Discover advanced online business methods!
Get Access To This 25-Part Accelerated Online Businesses Video Series today.

If you're trying to build an online business whether you're just starting out or have been in this game for a while, then you're going to find this 25-part course helpful.

This step-by-step video training will take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can propel yourself up the online marketing ladder with professional-level technical skills.

Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

A value of $497! My Price $47 Yours FREE!


I'm So Confident In This System, That I Am Using One Of My List To Get You Started With An Email Blast, That Will Start Building Your List & Make Your Online Business A True Success!


Secure Your System NOW In 3 Easy Steps!

Step #1
Place Your Order

Simply choose an install service for your needs. You'll then be taken to the PayPal form so you can place your order

Step #2
Submit Your Details

After checkout you'll be redirected to the request form. Simply fill it out so we can setup your system for you

Step #3
Start Making Money!

Once we've setup the entire system, we'll email you with all the details so you can start sending traffic to it right away!


Get Started Today!
Choose your package below...

Option #1
Setup For You

Two OTO's, Two Downsell's, Two Squeeze Pages and Two Bonus Pages, all download pages, emails populated into your autoresponder set up for you and checked ready to sell.

Only $297
Save $250 off standard price!

Regular Price $77

Save $20 off regular price!
Only $57

<b>UltraSalesMachine.com</b> - 100% Automated Sales Funnel (Install Service)



Option #2
Setup For You

Four OTO's, Four Downsell's, Four Squeeze Pages and Two Bonus Pages, all download pages, emails populated into your autoresponder set up for you and checked ready to sell.

Only $497
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Regular Price $127
Save $30 off regular price!
Only $97

<b>UltraSalesMachine.com</b> - 100% Automated Sales Funnel (Install Service)






Please Note: You'll be redirected to a registration page. You will then be taken to the install information request with further instructions on what you need to provide. Traffic training and other training modules will be provided with your completed setup. If we don't receive an email from you, we'll follow-up with you to make sure we have everything needed. Thank you for your business!


If you're looking for a system that you can work with, adapt, model off, or simply use to start making money from the day it's setup, then you won't be disappointed with this!

This is the same system we've been using for years to generate passive and long-term income online. And while there are many other ways to make money online, they fail to stand the test of time like the one in front of you.

Reserve your copy now and have a solid system in place that you can actively promote and have working for you in the background.

Remeber you're standing on the shoulders of giants who already have an established presence online and have spend years putting a powerful system like this in place so YOU can benefit straight away! You don't have to be the little guy who gets left behind anymore!


The 100% Automated DFY Sales Funnel

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Want to resell this? Contact me HERE for details.



Q. "Why do I need so many squeeze pages?
Can't I get by with just one?

Yes you can get by with one squeeze page, but this causes two problems. 1) Not everyone wants the same thing so your squeeze page will only appeal to a segment of the market, and 2) Creating a squeeze page that has 'mass appeal' will only attract beginners who are not sure what they want and will most likely be under-educated and not committed. However with multiple squeeze pages, you can send the right traffic to the right landing page, follow-up with relevant emails and build a quality responsive list at the same time.

Q. "This is the first time purchasing a setup from you.
Do I need anything else for this system to work?

Every setup we provide requires a domain name, webhosting and an autoresponder. These are the minimum requirements to get your online business running. If you haven't already got this setup, we highly recommend Hawkhost hosting for your domain name and webhosting and TrafficWave for your autoresponder. Full instructions on getting setup will be provided in the members area. If you're still unsure, please contact us for assistance.

Q. "What details will you need from me?"

In order to work on your project, we will need temporary access to your Server IP, FTP username and FTP password to access your webhost. To setup your TrafficWave account we will need temporary access to your TrafficWave username and TrafficWave password.

Q. "Do I need a domain name for every product?"

No. In order to keep your costs low, you will only need to register one short and catchy domain name without hypens and ideally with a dot com extension. You want to make it easy for people to type in your domain name on a mobile phone. From there we will install all our products in sub-folders. This way you'll save $1000s a year on domain name fees without compormising the performance of your websites.

Q. "Do you support other autoresponders
other than TrafficWave?

Yes and No. No. Currently we do not support for any other autoresponder because every system is different and will require a customized program and only delay your setup time. All our systems are built around Trafficwave's reliable autoresponder to keep the setup process efficient and more importantly keep your costs down. Keep in mind we've been using TrafficWave for over 15 years and have never had any problems so we only recommend tools we're using ourselves.

Yes. We wil make this available without doing the autoresponder campaign email population. So if you are willing to enter the emails into your campaigns yourself, we will provide you the emails with your links ready to go.

Q. "Why is this setup so cheap? I've seen similar
setups for at least 3 times the price.

We've been setting up websites for clients for a number of years and know the business inside out. This means we can customize sites and optimize tools quickly and cheaply for you. We also strip down the system to it's bare essentials, and offer optional upgrades to you for an additional fee. This means if you're on a limited budget you can still take advantage of a multi-list building network. Equally if you want the absolute best setup, you can choose from a number of upgrades. The option is there for you and most importantly will never have to struggle with your list building campaign again. Please note that you are getting a fully functional system at this price. The upgrades are not necessary, but are highly recommended if you want to maximize your results.

Q. "Will there be an option to include
upsells for my squeeze pages?"

Yes. This is the standard setup which includes squeeze pages, free gifts, personalized emails, and emails added to your autoresponder account. This plenty to get you started to build your list and turn a profit.

Q. "I've purchased other setup packages from you.
Will this affect my current setup?

No. We designed all our systems to be fully compatible with one another. This way any existing setups or any purchases you intend to make in the future will be fully functional. Your admin system will also be updated with every installation. This means you'll be able to see exactly what's installed, where it's located on your server, plus access to all the necessary links and promotion content.

Q. "Will you show me how to get traffic?"

Yes. Once your system is installed, the only thing you have to do is get traffic to your squeeze pages. When you log into the members area you'll have access to over 10 hours of traffic training covering all the best tried and tested free traffic generation methods. Simply watch the videos, follow along and put what you learn into action.

Q. "How long will this take?"

Please allow up to 7 - 9 days for us to complete your project from the time you fill in your installation form. In most cases we can complete your project within 3-5 days depending on the complexity of your setup, however during busy periods please allow up to 7-9 days.

Q. "Okay I'm ready to order. What do I need to do next?"

Great! Simply click the order button to get started and you will be sent to a registration page, then you will be sent your order form to complete. Then locate your purchase and supply the order form imformation and a member from our team will get to work on your project right away! If you have any further questions please contact us for assistance.

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