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Video 1: Introduction

Duration: 1:45 min

Video 2: Skill, Learning, and Acquisition.

Duration: 9:28 min

Video 3: Smart Learners and Efficient Learning.

Duration: 4:29 min

Video 4: 10 Remarkable Traits of Successful Learners.

Duration: 4:24 min

Video 5: Learning Styles to Help You Learn Faster and Smarter.

Duration: 4:22 min

Video 6: 10 Tactics on Increasing Brain Power,
Memory, and Motivation to Learn Better.

Duration: 7:30 min

Video 7: 8 Powerful Learning Hacks to
Boost Your Learning Ability.

Duration: 4:57 min

Video 8: 5 Hacks to Speed up the Learning Process.

Duration: 2:38 min

Video 9: 8 Ways to Train Your Brain to
Learn Faster and Remember More.

Duration: 4:26 min

Video 10: Simple Brain Training Habits to
Boost Your Brain Power.

Duration:5:25 minp>

Video 11: Conclusion

Duration: 0:37 min

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